day one1

Gentlemen, Ladies, old & young....guess who started a blog today....
this girl.
Desiree Marie Guerrero....or just Desi! call me what floats your boat;;as long as I like the name. But anyways...
I'm very new at the blogging thing, precisely 3 minutes old. I dont exactly know what I will be writing about, i'll try and update daily, dont you fret:) I know you all will be avid readers of my oh-so-peachy life.
I'm not gonna really introduce myself...you can just read the "about me" section at the part of the blog I put it at:) 
over time you'll get the jist of the type of person i am:) i dont wanna overwhelm you and throw it all out on the first post! that could scare some readers away;) im kidding. 
It's really hard to stay focused on blogging when sooo many other tabs are opened up. I have my twitter open, my facebook my google+ account and adobe profile all on. oh wait! lets not forget pinterest! right ladies?.....and men..who are all too afraid to share with the world their guilty pleasure. I know youre out there:) Pinterest is great:) soo go ahead and give me a follow on twitter (desi_marie5) and maybe you wanna follow on insta too? i dont disappoint i promise!;) (desi_marie_) so idk...i guess im kinda married to social networking. we have this love relationship. and only love. theres pretty much never hate...ever. My Mr. Social Network see's pictures of me everyday, always knows whats on my mind, is there when i need to express myself, and stays in touch with my friends and family! Doesnt he sound like a dream?;) So when i was introduced to this blogging idea i was like...hey..what the hell? why not:) might as well share what ive got to the world. i dont exactly know what ive got....but maybe some of you will like what i have to say:) so stay tuned:) ive got lots and lots to say:)

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