doing your best

well, my boy was gone for Valentines Day so obviously I spent my Saturday night doing what every other girl who had nothing to do on Valentines Day night would do.
 and i gave in to chocolate covered strawberries.
so despite the lack of company, man oh man I did enjoy myself.
but that is besides the point! sorta.
i was at work earlier talking to a co-worker about how much i love scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the cute couples, and he said back to me "yeah, that's because you're in a relationship"
dang. he's right. i'd hate this holiday if i was single.
and then Mike called me to wish me a happy Valentines Day all the way from his San Diego spot.
i sure do miss him.
what my co-worker said obviously stuck around in my head because i then proceeded to scroll through the pictures Mike and i had taken on my phone the past few weeks.
I literally sat there and smiled like a goof at every picture I looked at and couldn't stop thinking about how dang LUCKY I was. how lucky EVERY girl is to have someone who truly, truly cares for them.
okay, listen. i'm not trying to say every girl who isn't with someone isnt lucky. but I seriously sat there and realized that I have someone that when he walks in the room, my whole day is already 100%.
I do believe with my entire heart that God puts people into your life to live, experience, and learn from. and if they happen to walk out, at least they taught you something that maybe someone else couldn't have, and then you go on and continue with your life until someone a little bit better comes along. and that "a little bit better" person ends up being the one person that makes you feel like you found something that is all you'll ever need.
back to my point, jeez I cant ever seem to just stay on one topic.
the past guys I've been with, yeah it sucks when it doesn't work out, because when I was with them, I thought it was the coolest thing and I thought for sure we were in it for a while.
and then I have my best friend tell me 4 months after dating a guy "yeah, wow, you guys were really weird together, he was not for you"
gee, thanks for telling me 4 MONTHS later.
(it's okay it wouldn't have lasted anyways)
but then im single Desi again and im just like "well, at least I tried my best"
ya know? that's all we can really say we did at the end of the day.
and then we just keep going on with our lives and make the most out of each situation.
well you're doin that thing called life and your doing your best.
and then you meet someone that makes "doing your best" seem like your doing everything right.
and you know why?
because at the end of the day when Mike asks me how my day was, i can hardly wait to tell him all about it, because he loves knowing about everything i tried my best in, and everything that went well and everything that fell a little short.
he understands when im sad with my day and will be quick to say that something that, in my head is translated as, "you get another try tomorrow".
and if my day goes really well, dang, he is the first one to join in with my happiness and...well...he doesn't really dance up and down with me but he sure does give a great encouraging smile! haha
the fact of my story is that i have been with people who are good, but i have finally met someone who is great, someone that makes everyday a day that i want to accomplish something so incredible because i want to tell him all about it when im eating egg burritos with him at the end of the night.
and if we are sitting there eating our burritos and my day was just pretty average, i know he's still happy and i know im still happy because despite the bad days that just don't turn out (we all have those days) i get to be beside someone who will always be the best part of my day no matter how bad or how good it was.
so Mike, this is a pretty sappy LATE Valentines Day tribute to you.
but i want you to know you make me feel like i can do anything.
you inspire me to work hard.
and you help me to dream so, so big.
i want a lot for myself in life, but i also want the world for you.
and all i can really say is, im so glad that you can be part of my own life, because i'll tell you right now, being a part of yours is one of the best things that has happened to me.
oh, i cant wait till you're home.

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