lovin' this new year already

guys, the break is over and it really is not a good feeling at all.
tomorrow we return to school, to work, to a regular schedule.
you know what that means?
no more late nights, the kind of late nights that dont require studying
time to fill your day with anything you'd like
hanging out with whoever, whenever
no more of a lot of things guys.
gosh, i really gotta stop thinking about that.

but despite the annual "end of break depression" i am able to say that i had a break full of a lot of good times, happiness, and love (wait...did i say love?)

New Years was one to remember
because wow, i got to spend it with the one i care about so, so much
it's a great feeling to ring in the new year and know you have a fresh start to another year
but it's an even greater feeling to have someone i love by my side at the same time

also, who's not down for a New Years kiss?
i know i am, especially from this one

lots of kisses in this post, i apologize, that's awfully PDA-ish of me
but im so sorry i cant help it

the remainder of the break was pretty laid back, besides lack of sleep on New Years eve-New years, i usually just worked and hung out with Mike and my family. 

but i should probably stop wasting your time and just get to the point. this break wasnt just amazing because it was Christmas and New Years, it was great because i was able to tell someone i love them.


you're right, i said it. something i havent been able to say to someone for quite some time.  
but i'm so glad i was able to return those words back to him with a good amount of confidence.

now i'm not gonna be cheesy and go on about what love is and what it means to me because no one really wants to hear that, and honestly, i dont think it's my place to say what it is and how it should make you feel because everyone has their take on it.

all i'm going to say is that i love a boy who is more than what i deserve.
and who also takes the time to answer all my questions about everything..,
including the sport i dont know anything about (aka football). i now know what an onside kick is! hooray!
or we'll be watching a movie and no doubt i'll always ask a question about the movie because i'm not patient enough to wait and see what happens. but he's cool enough to not answer my questions hahaha (im really the worst to watch movies with so points for putting up with it babe)
he makes me smoothies. real good ones. except for those peppermint ones, i dont like peppermint, sorry. or peanut butter, or neapolitan...
oh! it's awesome when im sitting at work and then i see him walk through the door with treats in his hands.
also, he's a good listener. he really takes the time to hear me out.

finally, i guess i should say that im most grateful to have someone that i can completely and honestly be myself around, with no judgments.

i am able to have fun, express my opinion, and be someone who he accepts entirely.
it's a good feeling. 
i'd do anything for this guy. including driving at 1am to pick him up in Salt Lake when he asks for that favor (#1 girlfriend right here guys).
of course there's so many things i could say about him, but i'll keep it pretty low key. 
long story short, he's pretty dang great.


i tried hard to keep the cheesiness of this post to a minimum. 
no one likes a cheese ball (except maybe mike, he loves cheese)
i just thought i'd let my awesome, awesome readers know that my Christmas break was seriously one to remember and i wouldnt take a second of it back. and i HOPE that all you guys can say the same. but honestly who cant? no school, lots of food, and no school. what more can you ask for?

so CHEERS to the new year
(that's the first time i wrote the year, wow...sick)
and this is gonna be an AMAZING one.
i can hardly wait to see what's in store. because i can be the first one to tell you, a lot changes in a year, good and bad, but i'm actually stoked to find out what this year will bring to me, my family, and friends.
good luck at school and work tomorrow everyone. only 361 more days left till another New Years post. woo!

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