hey peeps.
I just want to let the world know that the boy that means the world to me has done it.
he has graduated!
and I am one proud grad girlfriend!
i'm so so excited for this man of mine, and the what his future holds.
I really look up to him so much, and he makes me want to accomplish everything I've ever wanted for myself. I'm grateful to have him as my best friend, motivator, biggest fan, comic relief, and especially a role model.
what did I do to get so lucky with a dude like this?

yeah, I don't know. hahaha
all I know is that being with him makes me better, makes me happier, and bless his heart for being able to deal with excited desi, happy desi, focused desi, sad desi, frustrated desi, quiet desi, and just about every version of desi. I've been told it's pretty tough to deal with my energy levels.
he gets me in a way only my best friend in the world is only able to get me.
you're a college graduate, but you're also a psychologist, protector, lover, healer, helper, an athlete, a friend, an amazing brother and son, and someone who will succeed because you are the hardest worker I've ever met.
but hey, I've seen you lay out on your bed and never wanna get up. you need a break sometimes, I get it.
 and that's where I come in, someone who is going to take care of you because you do above and beyond for me.
that means you get a Cinnabon with your sports center highlights, while getting foot rub.
because im THAT cool.
you know I got you baby.

I love you baby!!
im so happy for you and so entirely proud!
thanks for letting me be apart of this special time for you.
and for keeping me smiling through the tough parts of the week.

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  1. you were LDS, but now you don't even go and have tattoos every where. ben was a blessing in your life.... you just lost the best thing ever, your testimony.