two pretty great people

hey guys! been a while, but it's okay, I just have been doing the same old same old.
but i've just been doin the same old same old with some of the greatest people.
for instance...

it's so good to have her in my life. im a lucky girl
oh, but how could I forget about this one?
guys! I love this dude!
so far, he's making everyday the best day and he's been doing that for almost 5 months.
and props to him for being able to put up with me for that long! haha
never have I ever been able to do my cool dances, say my (super funny) jokes, tell all my stories, and laugh as hard as I do with one guy.
but I can tell you that im so grateful it's with someone who is my best friend.
and im so lucky because I get to make amazing memories with him and his amazing friends this weekend in cali. so stay tuned for those upppdates!
but in all seriousness.
Mike's a good one. and my best friend in the world (sorry bailey) but hey, I'd do anything for this guy. he's pretty dang great.


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