hey peeps.
I just want to let the world know that the boy that means the world to me has done it.
he has graduated!
and I am one proud grad girlfriend!
i'm so so excited for this man of mine, and the what his future holds.
I really look up to him so much, and he makes me want to accomplish everything I've ever wanted for myself. I'm grateful to have him as my best friend, motivator, biggest fan, comic relief, and especially a role model.
what did I do to get so lucky with a dude like this?

yeah, I don't know. hahaha
all I know is that being with him makes me better, makes me happier, and bless his heart for being able to deal with excited desi, happy desi, focused desi, sad desi, frustrated desi, quiet desi, and just about every version of desi. I've been told it's pretty tough to deal with my energy levels.
he gets me in a way only my best friend in the world is only able to get me.
you're a college graduate, but you're also a psychologist, protector, lover, healer, helper, an athlete, a friend, an amazing brother and son, and someone who will succeed because you are the hardest worker I've ever met.
but hey, I've seen you lay out on your bed and never wanna get up. you need a break sometimes, I get it.
 and that's where I come in, someone who is going to take care of you because you do above and beyond for me.
that means you get a Cinnabon with your sports center highlights, while getting foot rub.
because im THAT cool.
you know I got you baby.

I love you baby!!
im so happy for you and so entirely proud!
thanks for letting me be apart of this special time for you.
and for keeping me smiling through the tough parts of the week.


two pretty great people

hey guys! been a while, but it's okay, I just have been doing the same old same old.
but i've just been doin the same old same old with some of the greatest people.
for instance...

it's so good to have her in my life. im a lucky girl
oh, but how could I forget about this one?
guys! I love this dude!
so far, he's making everyday the best day and he's been doing that for almost 5 months.
and props to him for being able to put up with me for that long! haha
never have I ever been able to do my cool dances, say my (super funny) jokes, tell all my stories, and laugh as hard as I do with one guy.
but I can tell you that im so grateful it's with someone who is my best friend.
and im so lucky because I get to make amazing memories with him and his amazing friends this weekend in cali. so stay tuned for those upppdates!
but in all seriousness.
Mike's a good one. and my best friend in the world (sorry bailey) but hey, I'd do anything for this guy. he's pretty dang great.



doing your best

well, my boy was gone for Valentines Day so obviously I spent my Saturday night doing what every other girl who had nothing to do on Valentines Day night would do.
 and i gave in to chocolate covered strawberries.
so despite the lack of company, man oh man I did enjoy myself.
but that is besides the point! sorta.
i was at work earlier talking to a co-worker about how much i love scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the cute couples, and he said back to me "yeah, that's because you're in a relationship"
dang. he's right. i'd hate this holiday if i was single.
and then Mike called me to wish me a happy Valentines Day all the way from his San Diego spot.
i sure do miss him.
what my co-worker said obviously stuck around in my head because i then proceeded to scroll through the pictures Mike and i had taken on my phone the past few weeks.
I literally sat there and smiled like a goof at every picture I looked at and couldn't stop thinking about how dang LUCKY I was. how lucky EVERY girl is to have someone who truly, truly cares for them.
okay, listen. i'm not trying to say every girl who isn't with someone isnt lucky. but I seriously sat there and realized that I have someone that when he walks in the room, my whole day is already 100%.
I do believe with my entire heart that God puts people into your life to live, experience, and learn from. and if they happen to walk out, at least they taught you something that maybe someone else couldn't have, and then you go on and continue with your life until someone a little bit better comes along. and that "a little bit better" person ends up being the one person that makes you feel like you found something that is all you'll ever need.
back to my point, jeez I cant ever seem to just stay on one topic.
the past guys I've been with, yeah it sucks when it doesn't work out, because when I was with them, I thought it was the coolest thing and I thought for sure we were in it for a while.
and then I have my best friend tell me 4 months after dating a guy "yeah, wow, you guys were really weird together, he was not for you"
gee, thanks for telling me 4 MONTHS later.
(it's okay it wouldn't have lasted anyways)
but then im single Desi again and im just like "well, at least I tried my best"
ya know? that's all we can really say we did at the end of the day.
and then we just keep going on with our lives and make the most out of each situation.
well you're doin that thing called life and your doing your best.
and then you meet someone that makes "doing your best" seem like your doing everything right.
and you know why?
because at the end of the day when Mike asks me how my day was, i can hardly wait to tell him all about it, because he loves knowing about everything i tried my best in, and everything that went well and everything that fell a little short.
he understands when im sad with my day and will be quick to say that something that, in my head is translated as, "you get another try tomorrow".
and if my day goes really well, dang, he is the first one to join in with my happiness and...well...he doesn't really dance up and down with me but he sure does give a great encouraging smile! haha
the fact of my story is that i have been with people who are good, but i have finally met someone who is great, someone that makes everyday a day that i want to accomplish something so incredible because i want to tell him all about it when im eating egg burritos with him at the end of the night.
and if we are sitting there eating our burritos and my day was just pretty average, i know he's still happy and i know im still happy because despite the bad days that just don't turn out (we all have those days) i get to be beside someone who will always be the best part of my day no matter how bad or how good it was.
so Mike, this is a pretty sappy LATE Valentines Day tribute to you.
but i want you to know you make me feel like i can do anything.
you inspire me to work hard.
and you help me to dream so, so big.
i want a lot for myself in life, but i also want the world for you.
and all i can really say is, im so glad that you can be part of my own life, because i'll tell you right now, being a part of yours is one of the best things that has happened to me.
oh, i cant wait till you're home.


lovin' this new year already

guys, the break is over and it really is not a good feeling at all.
tomorrow we return to school, to work, to a regular schedule.
you know what that means?
no more late nights, the kind of late nights that dont require studying
time to fill your day with anything you'd like
hanging out with whoever, whenever
no more of a lot of things guys.
gosh, i really gotta stop thinking about that.

but despite the annual "end of break depression" i am able to say that i had a break full of a lot of good times, happiness, and love (wait...did i say love?)

New Years was one to remember
because wow, i got to spend it with the one i care about so, so much
it's a great feeling to ring in the new year and know you have a fresh start to another year
but it's an even greater feeling to have someone i love by my side at the same time

also, who's not down for a New Years kiss?
i know i am, especially from this one

lots of kisses in this post, i apologize, that's awfully PDA-ish of me
but im so sorry i cant help it

the remainder of the break was pretty laid back, besides lack of sleep on New Years eve-New years, i usually just worked and hung out with Mike and my family. 

but i should probably stop wasting your time and just get to the point. this break wasnt just amazing because it was Christmas and New Years, it was great because i was able to tell someone i love them.


you're right, i said it. something i havent been able to say to someone for quite some time.  
but i'm so glad i was able to return those words back to him with a good amount of confidence.

now i'm not gonna be cheesy and go on about what love is and what it means to me because no one really wants to hear that, and honestly, i dont think it's my place to say what it is and how it should make you feel because everyone has their take on it.

all i'm going to say is that i love a boy who is more than what i deserve.
and who also takes the time to answer all my questions about everything..,
including the sport i dont know anything about (aka football). i now know what an onside kick is! hooray!
or we'll be watching a movie and no doubt i'll always ask a question about the movie because i'm not patient enough to wait and see what happens. but he's cool enough to not answer my questions hahaha (im really the worst to watch movies with so points for putting up with it babe)
he makes me smoothies. real good ones. except for those peppermint ones, i dont like peppermint, sorry. or peanut butter, or neapolitan...
oh! it's awesome when im sitting at work and then i see him walk through the door with treats in his hands.
also, he's a good listener. he really takes the time to hear me out.

finally, i guess i should say that im most grateful to have someone that i can completely and honestly be myself around, with no judgments.

i am able to have fun, express my opinion, and be someone who he accepts entirely.
it's a good feeling. 
i'd do anything for this guy. including driving at 1am to pick him up in Salt Lake when he asks for that favor (#1 girlfriend right here guys).
of course there's so many things i could say about him, but i'll keep it pretty low key. 
long story short, he's pretty dang great.


i tried hard to keep the cheesiness of this post to a minimum. 
no one likes a cheese ball (except maybe mike, he loves cheese)
i just thought i'd let my awesome, awesome readers know that my Christmas break was seriously one to remember and i wouldnt take a second of it back. and i HOPE that all you guys can say the same. but honestly who cant? no school, lots of food, and no school. what more can you ask for?

so CHEERS to the new year
(that's the first time i wrote the year, wow...sick)
and this is gonna be an AMAZING one.
i can hardly wait to see what's in store. because i can be the first one to tell you, a lot changes in a year, good and bad, but i'm actually stoked to find out what this year will bring to me, my family, and friends.
good luck at school and work tomorrow everyone. only 361 more days left till another New Years post. woo!



alright, alright, fine.
i will admit that im terrible at being diligent on this thing, and in the past i've promised to be better, but it's so hard for me to find the time.
although, since it is the 26th of December, today seems to be the first day of break where i am not doing last minute shopping, sleeping in, or having plans made from sunrise to sundown.
 so yeah, i definitely have some time on my hands so i figured i'd keep my readers out of the dark (for now) and update you on what you've missed. i promise there isnt much, but i'll just fill you in because my patient readers deserve it.

i've survived finals, passed my classes, guys...i have finished yet another semester at UVU.


and guess what, i changed my major! 
lets see is that 3 times in the past year and a half? yep, pretty sure.
im back to exercise science, and i intend to stay there. hopefully, well the goal is to become a personal trainer, and a damn good one at that.
i know im far from being where i want to be, but that's sort of exciting to me, i finally have an idea of what i want to do and i intend to work hard to get there. 
woo woo! maybe this girl will be your personal trainer in the future! 

i know everyone's big question for me is about this hunk who has taken over my instagram posts...trust me, i've been asked about him a lot this break by family and friends everywhere. 
yes, wow, "desi he seems to be the first one in a while that lasts longer than a week" is what my close friends would say. 
what can i say? dating is dating, and i havent struck gold with the past few guys i've dated, even though they are all so great. but if they arent for you then that's that and no need to stay with someone that you dont feel 100% on.
*okay, stepping off my dating soap box now*

all im sayin is everybody deserves a little Mike in their life, and i KNOW anyone who knows this guy would be quick to agree.
what's not to like about someone who is always down for those late night munchies and who gets me off my butt to get to the gym. he's the best to watch movies with and also the greatest motivator.
also he's funnier than i am, and dang, that's saying a lot ;)

funniest thing:
we wanted a picture at the top of Park City after boarding ALL DAY.
and this lady we asked literally gave us a photo shoot and had us take so many pictures in so many different poses. so we basically killed it with pictures for the day.
of course i was pumped because if you know me, you know i LOVE getting dope pictures.

also another [not so] fun fact:
mike lost his car keys within an hour of being on the slopes. 
note to everybody (and self)...definitely zip your pockets up when they have important items in them such as the ticket to your transportation. yeah. 
but no worries, we were saved by a spare key and his willing dad who drove an hour to bring us the spare. 
points for papa Fogt. 

if you have not yet see this Tree of Life at Draper Park in Draper, you should do it soon.
yeah the Christmas season is technically over, but pretty lights are enjoyable all year. but hurry and see these one's while you can, i bet they will take them down by the new year...
definitely make a date out of it, bundle up, see the tree, grab some cocoa and watch a movie after.
ps im here all year if you want date ideas, im usually good at that. 

also check out this AMAZING sunset from my house. 

we went to see the Zoo Lights in Salt Lake City.
well we walked into the zoo and the first thing Mike said was "wait, do we actually get to see animals or just animal lights?"
yeah, mostly just animal lights...
every animal was asleep besides the reptile house, that place is poppin.
but other than that you get to see a bunch of Christmas light animals! also, we got to see how a lot of animals sleep, so i mean, that's way cool too!

okay Hobbit fans, we all know the most recent Hobbit came out and it was awesome. but i mean, awesome compared to the last 2? not so much.
i was sort of disappointed, and i love the Hobbit, as you can see in this picture i was stoked (mike not so stoked). i'd have to say that it's a good movie to see if you're into that type of stuff, but i definitely am a fan of The Lord of the Rings more. still though, go watch it, what's not to love about hairy hobbit feet and Legolas? also, why can't i have perfect waves in my hair like Thorin?

Christmas was SO dope. 
i could sit here and tell you how great it was to open my gifts and love the snow.
but my absolute favorite part was having my little 6 year old brother wake me up with the most stoked face i've ever seen and yell "SANTA CAME" repeatedly in my ear. at one point my little 4 year old brother was so stoked about his gifts that he started singing and shaking and speaking nonsense all at once.
the absolute best part of Christmas was being with my family and having us all together, and also having Mike over for Christmas dinner (which was so good by the way, thanks momma G) as i get older i realize how insignificant the gifts are and i just feel grateful for the fact that my family is together and healthy. another year conquered as a pretty sick family.

and to round up this post...

long story short.
this guy is so great. and so far, Christmas break has been one to remember.  
i would eat food with this one any day. also babe, i hope you know that i love watching sports with you, i promise im never bored. i've taken a liking to Sports Center as well (that should earn me major points).
hope i didnt embarrass him too much with this post.
just huge shout outs to him for making this break and the past few months most dope.