welcome home

well guys he's home, he's finally here, and for longer than 10 days (that's the best part)
and it really was the best day ever when I saw him at the airport
speaking of which....this sign was the easiest to make! AND probably 6 people told me they loved the sign. I mean it's not the typical "welcome home" sign, or that cheesy "I waited this many days, this many hours, this many seconds" sign that military girlfriends/wives usually do...it's cute and classy almost. and it only cost about $7
Poster board .49
Paint: .99
Glitter paper: $2.00 each
Paint brush: varies with brush size but I spent probably .50
okay so maybe it wasn't quite $7, it was actually less, but honestly I bet half of you already have most of the supplies so it's literally the easiest to do.
but go ahead and take this idea because if it's the "best day ever" why not show everyone else it is?
well so here's the funny story...

me, ben's mom, and ben's brother all went to the airport around 11:40pm because his flight was supposed to get in at 11:55pm (I know so late) 
and so we were waiting and waiting, ha I couldn't sit still and his brother kept saying "look there he is!!!" And would fake me out and get me excited so that happened like 5 times!

But get this, his flight came in on time but we hadn't seen him yet, which was weird because he should have came down the escalator already. apparently, we were waiting by the wrong part of the airport because he sent me a "where are you?!?!?!?!?!" text.
so right when I saw that, me being me...I sprinted, literally SPRINTED to the other part of the airport where passengers come out and I instantly saw a bunch of bens Marine friends at the baggage claim. I saw one of his friends, Ezra, spot me and he looked over to his left and shouted "BEN! it's Desi!!" I looked over to where Ezra looked and I saw Ben. 

okay, so now I sprinted even faster, and yeahhh i started tearing up a lot while I ran to him. I dropped my poster and jacket and just everything in my hands and jumped into Bens arms.
And he picked me up and spun me around and kissed me. 

I was wanting to get pictures of it all, ya know, that whole reunion. but honestly, everything happened so fast, and right when I saw him, the pictures or video didn't matter. Wow, I wasn't even thinking about that at all because I just wanted to get to him as fast as possible. plus his brother and mom were a mile (exaggeration haha) behind me so pictures and videos were out of the question. But honestly, I wouldn't take a second back because it's the best memory, and it was the best reunion.
but we did snag this one

hooray for being home you cute boy :)

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