dog tags

my love brought home a lovely gift, and i couldn't be happier.
they are dog tags!
and he has a pair of dog tags too (he has to have them), and they go along great with mine:)
i didn't exactly understand what was written on them so he explained carefully to me...
First row: It is suposed to be the last name of the person wearing them, so instead of Guerrero, he put Mitchell (heart melted when i saw that for reals).
Second row: initials of first and middle name. D.M. which is my name Desiree Marie. his tags say B.T. (Benjamin Thomas).
Third row: it is suposed to be your date of birth, but he put the day we met, 09/10/11
Fourth row: he's in the United States Marine Corps
Fifth Row: my religion
(the blood type is also on there but i didnt know mine when he asked about it so he just put his haha)
but it's something fun to have forever and that i bring around with me everywhere. sometimes i'll wear them. all i know is that they mean the world, and ben has to wear his everyday, so it's fun to have a pair sorta like his.
but lets also be real, the best part is that he put his last name where mine should be!! i remember him asking about that..."desi, is it okay if i put your last name as Mitchell instead of Guerrero on your dog tags?"
and im sitting in study hall right now at school and im just thinkin that in 45 minutes i get to look forward to a night of lots of fun with ben and his family, also a lot of How I Met Your Mother, cuddling, and yummy food.
yay, yay, yay
oh also i get to watch him do this all night so yeah, my heart will melt a little more

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