reminiscing is so much fun.
I mean when ben was gone it kind of sucked, but now that he's home I love looking back at our old love letters and laughing at how much cheesiness is all in one letter (man it was a lot), but I also love these pictures. It's incredible how just this one picture summed up everything I felt the whole time my love was away at Camp Pendleton.
yep, pretty much when I saw him, this kind of joy is indescribable.
 and please forgive my face in the above picture, who knows what is going on, but I like his face, I like how happy he is. good picture, yes indeed.
a lot of people will ask how that reunion was, but there's nothing you can say, it's not possible to describe the joy.
the relief of him being done and out of that place was more than enough, because it's not a fun thing to go through. but I love him for staying strong and graduating and returning home to me.
and im more than happy, im ecstatic actually, to be the girl standing next to my man in his dress blues.
I love him, and i'm so excited for the countless adventures we will be blessed with until our missions.

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