lashes and glasses

i have taken on the idea of glasses.
and yes i do promise these are real.
i actually do have messed up vision, as the doctor that did my physical for track and field would say. 
sooo. i have embraced my glasses that i thought were nerdy once before. 

also, i used to suck at smiling without showing my teeth. so i know it's weird but im pretty happy i can do that justice now. ha!

and today i have been sick. ive actually felt like crap to be honest.
and it's not fun. 
so my entire day i have been laying in bed (no joke, it happened) and i have been sleeping and drinking that Emergen-C stuff. which works SO WELL. let me tell you. i will vouch for that any day.
if you are sick grab a packet of that stuff and fill up your cup about 6 ounces and down it. it helps get rid of sickness before it comes. make sure you take it RIGHT when you feel the symptoms though and stay consistent with it. 

also you like my sweater?
a lot of people have liked it and will be surprised to hear that it is from the thrift store babyyyy!
actually more of like a high end thrift store (Plato's Closet) but nonetheless, recycled clothing. 
it's a gold mine there, i'm tellin ya. 
especially if you are a broke college student like myself. 


i am a lashes extensions fanatic. 
seriously i always have them at least 8-10 months out of the year. i never have them during the summer, but during the year, that's my stuff. 

so i've gone to A LOT of different girls. and NO ONE does them as good as my amazing and talented friend Toni Rose Perkins.
so if you are interested the slightest
TEXT ME. which means to head over to the ELSEWHERE tab and contact me via social media! i promise i will respond ASAP because i'm always on that stuff:) 

and just so you know, my lashes are thicker than usual in this picture but that is because that is how i personally like them. she used to do them sooo natural before that it just looked like i put on a VERY clean coat of mascara on and had longer lashes.

soooo...let me know you beautiful ladies and i definitely hook you up with an amazing and talented girl. 

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