lazy dayz;

Hi guys:)
Well, well it's been a wonderful past few days! Guess what! I went to HOLLYWOOD! You heard me, I was surrounded by the stars. Literally. There were stars everywhere like on the ground. I saw some of my favorites liiiike Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, oh...and lets not forget the Victoria's Secret Angels (I was way too excited for that one because i'm obsessed with VS). Also, we did go on a hike to the Hollywood sign and it was so, so pretty! But it would have been even prettier if that early morning smog wasn't sitting on top of the city, but, what can I say? I don't get that hike everyday, so I was more than thankful to just hike it! Oh, and also, we went to Santa Monica beach. And i'm pretty sure they filmed The Last Song there (I love that movie by the way) and it was pretty much the best part of my day:)
I am definitely more of a beach person. Definitely. I loved Hollywood and such but I felt so closed in and claustrophobic in there. But when we went to Santa Monica...man, I was blown away.
And when I was just walking down the busy pier full of rides and kids just running from point A to point B with their hands full of prizes, I just enjoyed being on the pier, past the noise of that, above the water. It's like it all brought me back to reality, the simple pleasures in life are honestly all I ultimately look forward to when I come here to Cali. I love being around family and I love going to the beach because it's just, so peaceful. And you can't beat that simple feeling.
Well how about I quit with the sappiness, and continue on with the pictures:)

okay, I'll post later:)
but really Sunday was a huge highlight:)
I went to church and I decided to take notes at the sacrament meeting. Just little sidenotes, ya know? And I found that I got so much more out of the meeting when I wrote down main points that stood out to me! And like...I didn't just write it in, I made the words that I loved bold and I underlined my favorite quotes, put stars by my favorite speakers and etc.
It was fun, later that night, to look back at my journal and see what I got out of the lesson:) It was cool:) And an investigator at the church gave me her number:) I'm glad i've been able to make an impact on some people out here. It literally has been life changing to be out here and make at least a small impact on these people. These people living a worthy life and with the gospel in their life. It makes me happy to see it outside of Utah, ya know? Like it's just as beautiful in Utah, but in a way, I feel like it's really hard outside of Utah. You are living outside of the norm. Like in Utah, Mormonism is basically a way of life, but here in Cali, individuality is something that everyone has. To be different is your own responsibility to keep up. You can't depend on the environment around you. Like yeah, I've always gone to a ward where I've known someone and I've had that support constantly. But here I had to do things on my own and go into a ward where I knew absolutely no one. I'm honestly so grateful for this experience and I can't wait to share the experience with my ward family back home:)

Other than that, I've just been kickin' it with family and enjoying life:)
It's cool because I've been bonding with my family out here like on a whole new level! I am able to just be completely me. You know when you haven't seen family for a while so it's kinda awkward when you first see them because so much has changed with you and sometimes you just don't know how to act? Yeah that was me. But now it's like completely chill and I looovvee being around this family. Except tomorrow is my last day with them...at least until I leave to San Francisco for the last week and spend the rest of my vacation with different family! Yesterday I went to the drive in with my uncle and cousins and it was so fun! There's like no drive ins in Utah. Except for I said that on Twitter and this girl responded and said there was one in West Jordan or whatever so I guess I have some research to do because I'd love to go to one with Ben:)
 Speaking of Ben:)
Well, I miss him more and more each day...and long story short. I can't wait to see him:) we can't wait to see each other. It's been way too long. I think it's time I see my man:)
And I decided to not go to Cali with my friends in July so I can spend more time with him. I'll just go to Lake Powell with my friends, but Ben's leaving soon. And now we both have jobs, so we are busy! So the time we get is crucial. He told me today that we'd have time together before he leaves, but definitely not enough time. And I believe him! Even though it's never enough time with him...we always see each other the next day or next weekend. But this time it's different because he leaves in 49 more days....and then I won't see him until January...
Kill me now. haha
but just gotta have faith. It's possible.
I love him so much. Life will be good when I can be back in his arms:)

so on that note, how about some pics:)


  1. your gorgeous. love you blog. im obsessed.

    1. Girl thanks so much! You have no idea how much that means to me<3