Its been a few days;

Once again, I apologize for the lag of writing. I've been pretty busy! I didn't even remember what my last post was about! So I had to reread it:) and S/O to the person who commented, because I don't get comments often so I'm just really happy to see that someone is writing something;) haha but it's okay guys! Don't feel the need to comment, I just like to write:)
Well last time I wrote it was like my first day here! Since then I've been to the beach. Four times:) Also, I've been shopping:) I mean, who wouldn't shop out here in the sweet state of California? It's been very relaxing. I almost feel like I really do live out here! Like I said before, all my clothes are unpacked out of my bag and folded nicely on my cousins desk. Because i'm here for so long! Might as well unpack and get comfortable:) It's also lovely having my own room...I won't lie, I love it.
It's so nice to get away at the end of the day and just relax in my room, because i'm around people all day just coming and going, and being out here is kind of overwhelming, and I like having my space just like I usually do at home.
I also found a church to go to out here:) so I went there on Sunday:) I attended sacrament and so many people came up to me and made me feel comfortable:) I attended Doctrine and Covenants meeting and then Relief Society! It was my first time ever going to those meetings because well i'm old enough now! I'm graduated;)
But everyone was so sweet there to me! And I sat next to an investigator in church! She looked like she was 25ish. And so she was sitting next to two sister missionaries, of course. And I introduced myself to them and her! And it was really cool because then I bore a little bit of my testimony to her. I didn't wanna go all "I know this church is true" on her because I remember when people did that to me when I was first learning it was really overwhelming and plus it was her first day of church! So I didn't want to pour all of that on her all at once. So I just told her how this gospel and decision to join the church has changed my life, and how I have evolved into a better person because of it! So she really appreciated that:) and it was funny because I was reading scriptures on my iphone during sacrament and she leaned over and whispered "is that the Book of Mormon on  your phone?" and I told her it was an app with all the scriptures on it, like not just the BOM. And she was like, in shock. And then I saw her download the app hahaha. It was the cutest thing:) So it was really cool to have an experience like that:)
Also there was a confirmation today! The boy that just got baptized is 16! His name is Andy, and even though I didn't know him, I talked to him because I've been a member for like a month and a half now! and we just compared stories and experiences and I shared my testimony with him as well:) and it was soooo cool. Like I felt the spirit so strong there at church:) I honestly was so happy:)
I'm really excited for church next Sunday!:)
And a sidenote. I've been to Starbucks twice while out here so far and I haven't gotten any coffee!! Haha vanilla bean all day everyday snitches!! haha oh and hot cocoa:) haha

Okay...what else. I hung out with my cousin two days ago! He's 17! He's also like one of my best friends ever! I'm super close with him so when I see him it's basically like we just pick up from where we left off when we last talked in person, and so long story short we talked for like 5 hours straight. Five hours. haha that's a lot!
But he took me shopping, to eat, to the park and we talked there for like 2 of the 5 hours. Then we went to the beach and walked around the sand and on the dock. It was so great. He's very real with me, he'll tell me straight what's up and what he thinks, ya know? He's also atheist! So for me to understand his point of view on that is honestly really hard for me, but I still tried to understand his reasoning behind things. But eventually I was comfortable enough to make jokes about it to him:) haha like when he told me something really deep and profound the sun moved out from behind the clouds and started to shine on him and I made a joke about that;) haha and then we got lost after the beach for like 45 minutes haha. We couldn't find the freeway so he said to say a prayer (to tease me) and so I did and then literally ten seconds later we found the freeway. haha and then he said something that he needed help with and I said "well I'd tell you to pray about it but...."
haha just funny jabs at him and he jabbed at me. It was nice being comfortable with him like that. I wanted so badly to share everything about what I've learned to him, but then it just didn't feel right to put all of that on him, he doesn't need his own family to tell him what's right when he isn't willing to hear it, ya know?

Well, I really miss Ben. So here's what I was going to do, I was going to come home on the 20th and tell him that we couldn't find a flight until the 25th, but then just go over and surprise him! But then wow...haha my mom texted me one morning and said that the cheapest flight is on the 25th...so i'm actually staying out here longer...and my surprise won't work. haha
Yeah. I really miss him. I told him "i'm coming home in 12 more days!!" and he was like "12 days feels like 3 years!!" haha but this is kind of what we have to get used to ya know? because he leaves for bootcamp in 54 days. Ughhhh...
But it's okay! I have this feeling that is so confident! I know we can do this:) I know that we can get through it all actually:) I have complete faith in us:)
But right now, all I want is to be right next to him. It's moments like this where I am kind of glad we were able to work with distance throughout the year, but this is longer than usual....
I'm very grateful though, for his complete love and devotion to everything we have. The happiness he gives me even when he's not beside me is so strong, and the love he sends my way is more than enough. And I know it will be just enough when he really is gone.
We'll be okay:)

So right now i'm blogging and the cute little dog my cousins have is resting on my legs and i'm just chilin' and watching the bachelorette:)
btw a sidenote. The bachelorette's name is Desiree ;) and she totally gave the first rose to a guy named Ben on the show;) like not a coincidence;) haha Ben and I think its a sign.
And even though I don't think he will win, I think it would be hilarious if he did;)

Oh! On Saturday we are going to Hollywood! We are hiking to the sign and just exploring the city! I'm SO excited!!! It's gonna be a good time:)
More pictures to comeee;)

In the meantime how do some pictures sound?? Great? That's what I thought:)


I miss this boy SO much.

my cute uncle:)

he graduated preschool guys:)

Okay I'm done!!:)

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