Hey guys! Guess what! I'm in Cali:) crazy, right? It was a spontaneous decision and basically, i'm here for three weeks;)

But while i'm here i'll be sure to update you as much as I can with pictures and experiences:) it will be cool to show you all what i'm up to here in the sweet sunshine state.

Oh, I haven't updated you on how graduation went! Okay i'll start with that, welllll....
It was a success:) But, I don't quite feel graduated to be honest. I mean, I just feel like I finished one grade and i'm moving to the next...I think it will actually hit me, like me graduating, when I move out and everything. But for now, I just feel like the same little Desi! But Graduation was boring, to say the least. The best part was receiving my diploma and I also sat next to my best friends! And I liked getting ready for graduation, but I've always loved dressing up and looking nice. haha. Anyways, pictures after graduation were a lot of fun! But it was dark out so we couldn't even get any good pictures:( But I mean at least I got some:) that's all that counts. Lemme tell you one thing though, I'm SO relieved to be DONE. Absolutely done! Now only bigger and better things are coming my way:)

Okay, enough with the grad pictures.
Actually be ready for A LOT of pictures on this blog post! haha this is why I need to keep up with my blog because I take a billion pictures of everything in one day! So..there's gonna be a lot on this post. But after graduation there was the all night party! And it was sooo fun. Like, i'm not even kidding! I had a crazy good time! I think it was good to get in that last party with everyone you know. It's like making those last memories with your class, and even though I hung out with my best friends, it's like I knew I wasn't gonna see some of those kids ever again! So just with that thought in mind, I said hi to everyone I could, smiled back, and just enjoyed the company of the kids i'd never get to be around again.
But ya know...i'm really excited to be away from some kids and never see them again...haha some people...yeah. haha

Also, I had a graduation party and my best friends came:)

Well my family came out to my graduation and stuff:) they are from California! Which as you can guess, is probably how I got my ride back to Cali;) haha
But yes, Sunday morning I was getting ready for church when my aunt just sprints into my room and says "go talk to your mom about going to cali!!" I was confused, but still..I sprinted up to my mom and asked. And wow...before I knew it I was packing my bags for a THREE WEEK vacation to cali! I'm literally living here guys. Like I unpacked my clothes and folded them out and everything. I am living in California for basically a month:)
How sick?
If I know one thing...it's that I really miss Ben.
Ha! probably  not what you thought I was gonna say...
But really. He's at Lake Powell this week so he's having fun:) but the next two weeks after that...we both agreed are gonna suck. But one things for sure, just talking to him is enough. He really knows how to make me smile:) Oh! Also he totally buzzed his head!!:( his cute hair is no longer there....but...i'm not disappointed that much because he looks pretty dang good:)
like really..dang good. haha:) okay enough of that Desi.

This isn't his haircut but this is the day before I left...and this is also my favorite boy in the entire world:) I LOVE HIM!!!

Well now I'm in Cali and it's been pretty chill:)
basically, I'll just post pictures:)

ice cream cone. promise ring. cali beach.

After Ben sent me a text saying he carved B+D in a tree at Lake Powell, I felt obligated to do the same thing.

This is my cousin:)

This is my uncle:)

Also, I'm holding a live crab!

I was a visitor at my cousins school:)

now i'm actually holding it

Okay I am going now, but stay tuned because there are some eventful stuff coming up!!


  1. do you have a tumblr?? cuz i'm sure you'd be obsessed with it. i am. it's amazing. ahhh

  2. No, I don't!! I was gonna get one and then I decided I spend enough time on all this social media stuff as it is! But because you brought it up maybe I will now:)