Well guys, I'm t-6 hours away from leaving to my graduation. 
IT'S HERE!!!:)
I can't believe it, it's surreal!
Yesterday I was grad party hoppin' with my best friend:) 
Look at us:)

But really guys, I'm way too excited:) this is gonna rock!!!:) 
Ben's already graduated!!:) his graduation was at 9:) I'm soo excited just to be there with all my friends and live it up at the all night party. Life hasn't been better you guys and I'm ready:)
It's weird to think that it's actually here though...especially seeing all the grad pictures of my friends that are graduating earlier in the day at different schools! We've all made it:) crazy to say, but completely real! 
I have family driving in right now! And I can't wait to see them:) I'm feelin' this is gonna be good.
My emotions? 
Where to start...
I've been anxious all day! And I'm not exactly nervous. I don't want the excitement to go away either, I really want to move onto the next big thing and just leave, but I can't....
All my friends are leaving the first two weeks on vacations and stuff...including Ben. So I'm wayyy bummed. Hopefully I don't get too bored...
But I just really want to savor this feeling because for once I feel like i'm seriously hitting a milestone! Its not the kind of feeling you get when you get your license or when you get your first paycheck...nope. This is huge. 
I guess I'm so ready to move on and take care of myself and live my life how I want to without the restrictions of my parents.
And I can't wait to live a life of my own.
Graduation is the beginning of something  special. 

So I guess you can say that I am proud:) 

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