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Well this is it, I'm finally graduating tomorrow night. I didn't think this would actually happen, well I did, but I honestly never imagined it to. It's still surreal to me, in every way possible. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that i'm done forever with high school!
Yesterday, I had my last final. And at the end of that final I sat back and just took in the fact that I had just finished taking my last high school test ever! Wow, maybe it will be real once it actually happens and i'm walking across the stage to receive my diploma:)
Well after school yesterday I got some of my yearbook signed and then Corrie picked me up and I jumped into her car with Viktoria and we went tanning. I know, I know, I really don't need to tan, I mean...I'm brown so going tanning doesn't exactly do much to me except make me browner...haha
But my stomach hasn't seen much sun really and I still have my awful track tan, so I was able to even that out a little! Also I put a sticker of the sun on my left hip and it totally tanned on:) haha
Well, after tanning we all went to this like..gourmet grilled cheese restaurant. I know, that sounds awful. But let me tell ya, I've never had such an amazing grilled cheese. And it's just this cute little nobody shop next to some big name restaurants, but wow, it was good.
And thennnnn....we went to Ross and Corrie and I found some cool stuff for our apartment that we will eventually go back for. I also bought an umbrella, and I have no idea why I did that but I did...I bought an umbrella...haha

Also I got my eyelash extensions! At first they were soooo long. So I've trimmed them down a ton since then. They are taking some getting used to but they look nice! I don't think i'll refill them because I'll be honest, I miss being able to rub my eyes and stuff like that, but wow these things are thick. They make my eyes look huge though, and Ben digs them. So as long as he doesn't like hate them;) haha
Speaking of him, I went to his house a lot this week! I went on Monday, and that was super fun:) Except for it took me like 2 hours to get my eyelashes done so he just sat there and massaged my feet while that happened:)
Also, I kinda got in trouble yesterday during my final because someone decided to text me a billion times and my phone was vibrating nonstop! haha

Thanks baby;)

Last night I went over and he came home from his party to kick it with me. And we just kicked back and watched Get Smart and I ate his Zupas soup (which was unreal by the way) and just talked and laughed and cuddled:)
We've been talking about the future quite a bit lately, we haven't really done that in a while. Like talking about the future future. It's nice to know that this kid wants to marry me just as much as I want to marry him. I can honestly tell you that this boy is my absolute forever. Wow, I love him so much.
When he tells me that he can't wait to start life with me, I can see everything possible with him.
Or when we hold his little baby niece, dang..it's like our own little family.
I know it may seem weird to a lot of you that i'm even thinking about this! But he's been my boy since 2011 and we've been through the worst of things and we've also been through the greatest things you can possibly imagine. And there are more good and bad days to come, I know that!
70 more days till he leaves to boot camp.
Yesterday when we were talking on the phone, that was brought up and we both became pretty silent.
And eventually I choked out "i'm going to miss you.."
and Ben said back to me "i'm going to miss you too....so much Desi.."
I mean, yeah...it's going to be hard. And Ben explained to me yesterday that sometimes he gets scared because he thinks that I might try and fill the emptiness when he's not here with someone else...
I reassured him I wouldn't do that. I was being completely honest, I would never try and replace him or forget. I'm going to be his number one fan and write him as much as I can, talk to him when I can, and i'll be at his boot camp graduation. He's going to be fine, I know it. And I'll keep us both strong through it all. Even though he's the one that will be going through well...the absolute worst. I'll be sure to at least let him know that everyone over here is perfectly fine, and that I love him with all my heart.
He's my best friend.

Also, it rained a lot yesterday. Like a ton, and so naturally, I had to take pictures. With the random umbrella that I spontaneously bought (by the way it was like $8).

Oh, today I am getting a haircut! Well, I think so. My mom keeps saying I will but today's the day I actually have to get a haircut. Also, my cute little cousin asked me to go shopping with him:) he's 16:) so naturally I said yes because well, it's shopping. And also it's my cousin and he's the best:)

Also, I'm on Pinterest right now (I know, don't make fun) but I'm just lovin' it.
Here are a few of my favorite pins of the day:) :


And those are just the bit that stood out to me:)

Well hmmm...I don't know what else to say. I know that after tomorrow I will have SO much to say though. haha it's gonna be a crazy, crazy day!! I'm still deciding if I should go to Ben's graduation or not..haha sit through like two graduations in one day..yeah. haha. We'll see:)
Plus, I have to get a haircut still and all that stuff....ahhh so much to do and not nearly enough time!!

Wish me luck!!

 wait...look how tiny and different we are;) this is from way back in 2011!!

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