Well it's been very eventful, to say the least. My days have been jam packed of things of all sorts! The last I wrote was Friday I believe...right? Yes! Oh, lets see, on Friday afternoon and such I..wow I can't even remember what I did...
Oh! Friday was the black light dance at my school. Actually before the dance I hung out with my friend Viktoria for a little bit:) It was way too fun. Also, on Friday we got our yearbooks and cap and gown! So sick! lemme tell ya, I wish that the girls gown was black instead of maroon...it's just such a clashing color. My shoes would match black better than maroon because well..I'll just post a picture:)

So yeah, this is my graduation outfitttt.
Might I add that I am head over heels (get it) for these shoes.

Well, after I hung out with the lovely Viktoria, I dipped over to my best friends house and me and her went to Panda Express where we regretfully spent too much money on food we didn't come close to finishing...:(
Afterward though we went to the dance:)
How much fun was that dance? A lot of fun. It was good to get that last little bit of partying in with some of my closest friends, ya know? Like, time is almost up, and it was the last high school dance I'll ever get, definitely spent well. It was nice to be with all my girls and dance like there's not tomorrow. Also, I peaced whenever there was a slow song, 1. because wow, I was sweaty from dancing so hard and 2. I didn't feel comfortable I guess you could say... and 3. The drinking fountain is nice.
But the dance was fun besides the part well, there was this guy that was being very disrespectful towards me...like just made me feel way too uncomfortable. So obviously I let Ben know because I tell Ben everything! And Ben messaged the guy on facebook (I had no idea he was gonna do that) and before I knew it I got a text apologizing for what happened. Boy, I love my boy. haha:) he's always lookin' out for me.
Speaking of Ben, I spent Saturday night with him, and both of us can agree that it was super special indeed:)
Well, keep in mind that we hadn't exactly hung out for at least two weeks. I don't exactly count a few days before because I was hardly over. Anyways, we went and watched Star Trek with his fam bam. And it was good, but also very long. So obviously, I fell asleep. But only when I wasn't gazing into Captain Kirk's dreamy eyes. Also, it was kind of funny. It was like we were on our first date again at a movie. Hi, I wanna hold your hand so i'm gonna make it as sneaky and awkward as possible to show you that I want to.
So we both started out with our hands in our lap. Then eventually it moved to him crossing his arms and me leaning over on the arm rest. Then his hand moved to the edge of his left leg, and I released my grip from my own left hand leaving my right hand free on the arm rest. And at that, he grabbed my hand and I literally just laughed. It was kind of nice just reliving the old first moments. haha;)
After the movie we talked in the car and Ben simply stated "I thought you didn't want to hold my hand! So I didn't know what to do!"
He's a cutie:)
And so we are also plotting a way for me to go to Lake Powell with him and his friends. So that plan is all in the works but we are getting there:)
Also, his sister is doing eyelash extensions for me for graduation:) I'm so excited! And they usually cost a $100 for these kind but she's only charging me $15. How decent? I love her:)

Another cool plan. Me, and my three closest friends, Corrie, Tina, and Sara, are all going on one sick road trip to California! And then we are coming home for like two days and then leaving to Lake Powell for a week. How excited am I? Just a road trip with my best friends, kickin' it and doing what we do best. Having the time of our lives. So you can say that I'm just a little bit anxious for July to come faster:)

And I had a wonderful day at church yesterday:) It was fast Sunday so there was a testimony meeting. And it was cool because I wanted to bare my testimony so bad, but I was sitting in my seat not knowing what to say, I had no idea how to begin, what to say in the middle and how to end it besides "and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." But something just told me to go up and share my experience at the temple! So I honestly just walked up there without knowing what to say, but as soon as I reached the podium, I knew what to say. The words just flowed out of my mouth exactly how I wanted them to. I knew that Heavenly Father was guiding me through my testimony and blessing me with the right words.
I also went to Primary today to help teach, and I was assigned a lesson on the Holy Ghost for in two weeks:)  I'm so very nervous, but I know that Heavenly Father will guide me through this as well:)
The age group I help teach is 5-6 year olds:) THEE cutest. I asked them what they pray about and a cute little boy named Porter said "Once I prayed because I lost my cheetos and then I found them"
I wanted to laugh so hard but for the sake of that child, I held it in and simply smiled back. I feel like I'm going to love that class. Plus, I LOVE the primary songs. And I want to learn them all. haha
"follow the prophet, follow the prophet don't go astray, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows the way!"

temple picture I spaced to post. wow, i'm slacking! too many pictures so little time!

And well, now it's a Monday and there's no school today but guess what, three more days till graduation!!! It's comin', and it's comin' fast.
You could say I'm more than ready, but at the same time, i'm a little scared. Because wow, I'm done with these people, everyone's leaving, and this is honestly it.
I've got to make......new friends.....
Well, bring it all on. Might as well start fresh and be a new me. Well, not new me, but you know what I mean.
It's a new beginning.

Also, I got new glasses. Don't call me hipster, i'm definitely not that, but I do dig the new specs.

Hey there, i'm at work in the early morn, and also, you can never have enough sparkle (this shirt has SO many sequins, my work space is sparkling because of it).

My sister and I photoboothed it, and I wrote a cute little note on the back of her copy of the picture, she's a best friend, I'm so grateful for my sis.

Yesterday, my sister and I went for a little hike and it was a lot of fun. We went to this insane view point that is my absolute favorite.

She's also really good at taking my picture.

Also, here's some pics from Friday;;;

AND. I didn't even post pics from the track banquet, excuse my laziness.


also, I have a thing for these amazing friends of mine.

and my obsession with weddings for the past few days has just increased.
This girl wants to get married so bad! ahh! It's all Pinterest's fault. I just have so many great pins that are sooo adorable. Kill me now. But I have to post some of my favorite pics:)

ps, that is definitely how I am doing my hair

And. Let me show you my dream dress.
I've already asked my best friends mom to make it for me because she makes wedding dresses;) haha

I wish you could see the whole thing. But I'm in love with the sleeves and the way the dress drapes. Also, I love her hair...

Or a polka dot veil with a......

.....simple dress. With some sleeves of course.

also, I love her sleeves

Not the dress. nope. But the hair

I'm in love with these colors

 and sorry...but I love this cake. Sparkles all the way, everyday
\I also love simple.

Well the groomsmen will be sporting....

my invites will look like...
Don't worry, there will be an extra picture in the envelope of both our faces showing:)

 lets not forget the ring...

To take those cool pictures in front of at the reception

advice for the bride and groom

sparklers for the grand exit

well..that's all I have for today everyone:) sorry for all the pictures

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