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Hi there❤
Well I'm on the home stretch, and for all you seniors out there, we are almost there. We've made it.
With finals week over with, i'm basically drained. I have no energy and my motivation is at an all time zeroooo.
Hopefully, I'll be able to stick it out till Thursday. THURSDAY! Holy cow, I can't even tell you how excited I am. Graduation. It's weird because I used to look at the graduation pictures of my friends and think, "wow, that's gonna be me one day" and the day is finally here. Thursday at 7:00pm at the Marriot Center I will be struttin' my stuff across the stage in front of my class, friends, family, everyone! I can't believe it. I made it:)

Also, I got my senior pictures done!!:) It's about time right? My really close friend Sierra Kinkade did them! She's heading out to Utah State University this year for college! It's sooo weird because I've known her ever since 7th grade! And yeah we have hung out here and there, we played volleyball together for a very long time! But I'm not really going to see her again after graduation, unless we hang out during the summer. But that's just a wake up call to me, that all my friends are leaving, so I have to take advantage of that time!

Oh, I get my cap and gown today! And yearbook! I'm not as excited about the yearbook of course because a cap and gown is something to be excited about! I'm totally trying it on tonight:) This is all so real now!! I'm seriously in shock! haha

About Ben:)
Things right now, for the most part, are just chill.
I hadn't seen him in two weeks until two nights ago. I drove to his house at like 10:00 at night to deliver him a card about his state game the next day, and just wish him good luck. You can only say so much over text and the phone before it becomes just white noise I feel like. I wanted him to know that I really was proud of him for making it as far as he did. And I couldn't make it to the state game because I had my track banquet:( The banquet was sad, but it was even worse that I couldn't be at his game. And even though they lost...I still would have liked to be there, just for him, ya know?
I'll see him soon, I hope. But when I went over on Wednesday, we really just caught up with what we've missed out on in each others lives. Talked about what's been happening, talked about graduation, growing up, futures plans, just talking was nice. I missed him. I still do.
Every day I miss him, but I also have to keep in mind there are bigger things in both our lives right now that demand our attention. And before he leaves, i'll be able to see him more. I trust him with that word, I won't hold him to it, but all I can do is hope, right? I hope things will start to look up.
Before I left there was no kiss goodnight, none of that. Until I got one minute down the road and there was a mutual agreement for me to come back, haha. And then I gave him a short good night kiss. I've missed that a lot, to say the least....haha

I went to the temple for the first time yesterday!!:) Wow, I was speechless. I've always been curious, ya know? What it's like on the inside. And the let me tell you, so much beauty. And I've never felt so much peace in my life to be quite honest. It was so silent, so quiet. But every word said was so powerful, especially during the baptisms. I felt the spirit so strong in the temple, it was an experience I'll never forget, and I can't wait to go back:)

Oh! and one Wednesday it was senior sluff day! So all the seniors didn't go to school and we all went to the only amusement park in Utah, Lagoon.
haha super ghetto. But let me tell ya, when you're surrounded by all your friends, it's so fun. And it has amazing rides. Nothing like Disneyland and all that stuff, but for the most part, the rides are SO fun and I love them! My best friend lost her phone on one of them though;) haha
We heard it fall back in her seat out of her pocket, and so we were both trying to grab it, and then the ride flipped around in a circle and we saw the phone shoot out. It's a goner. haha but let me tell ya, I've never laughed soo hard in my life. Okay, exaggeration, but seriously, I was crying in the ride because once I saw it fly out, I was done. Tears coming out of my eyes, and I drooled! Because my mouth was open from laughing and the ride was still flipping us around, so I drooled. hahahahaha
But long story short, it was a super fun day and I was sooo happy to be there:)

Okay well I will post some of my favorite senior pics and other pics and then be off with my day!
So good bye to all my readers and I'll be back in a few days:) Love you:)

the past few days...\

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