I kind of like the rain, especially the fog. I live on a mountain and it's so, so green right now because of all the recent rains we have gotten and fog always seems to pass through each time it pours. So just imagine for a second, how pretty it is looking outside the window right now. The translucency of the fog against the dark green. It honestly is so beautiful. 
If only it wasn't so dang cold! 
I also hope that it brightens up for later in the day because I have senior pictures and I don't exactly want to be cold...
Also, I seemed to have a crazy week! Well..let me think. I did have state, yes that was so much fun:)
I'm so sad that it's over. Before I was actually excited. I was so ready to just dip on the whole high school track scene, but then it actually ended and wow, It's all kind of bittersweet I guess. It's almost like I wish I had one last meet...but at the same time, i'm so glad that i'm all finished because i'm honestly drained of track right now. And i destroyed my hamstring too. Well, it wasn't feeling to hot before state, and during state I just destroyed it. So i'm rehabbing that sucker up! 
 At state I did pretty good. I mean i'm not the greatest runner in the state and it's really hard sometimes because you see these girls your same age doing something crazy insane, and it's hard to compete with that. But I am proud of what I did just because at my level, that's something to be proud of and I did work hard! Of course, I've ran faster in my life, so it's good to know that I can do better! 
But I took third in the 100 meter and the 4x1 team took second! So basically, i'm all smiles:)
It was a rough season, but I made it through and set goals for myself and I reached those goals:)
and to me...that's honestly all that counts.
I'm so grateful for my teammates and coaches that just helped me get through all of this. I would't be where I am without them. I'm feeling so blessed. 

Well what else, 
Slight dramatics with my best friend this weekend. I've just realized that wow, It's going to take some getting used to having him gone. Just because we have been seeing less and less of each other, to get used to the fact that he is going to be gone for quite some time...
I will be honest, I don't exactly agree 100% with how everything is being handled because my personal opinion is to enjoy what we have left before it's gone. But it is smart to little by little just get used to the fact that he's not going to be here by me for a long time and i'm going to have to get used to it. And i'm also not the only one in his life, because he has his really close friends that are all leaving on missions soon and then he's going to be gone, so of course he has to spend time with his friends a lot this summer. And so do I. So we both have other things we have to take care of this summer, other priorities, but I know when it gets closer and closer to his boot camp date, me and him will spend a lot of time together, because....it's the only time we'll have left until he graduates in maybe December, probably January. He told me that, and I trust him, I have faith in our relationship, it has gone through the worst, and I mean the worst it could go through at this point in our lives, and we have stood by each other so strong for the past two years and have grown so close to each other and I am forever thankful because of that.  Because I love him, and him alone i'm willing to stand by him. Because even when he's gone i'll still be loving him so much, but just from all the way over here. 
It's kind of crazy, how when we met, I just saw him. And we introduced ourselves and it clicked. 
How one simple hello shaped the rest of our lives. 
I can't imagine life without this boy, because he knows me better than anyone else, he has seen me at my worst and still accepted me the way I was. He's made me a better person, a better version I can be because I want to be all I can for this boy.
He always tells me he doesn't deserve someone like me, but I can see no one else that is better deserving. 
I can honestly tell you I can't wait for him to leave, but only because that means he will be on his way to coming back. The wait will be long, but worth it.
And i'll keep you posted:) I have plenty of cool things that I plan on making and sending. Especially when he's on his mission:) 
Someone like him, he's worth fighting for and waiting for, and i'm so glad he wants me to be the one to do that:)
I love love my best friend. More than anything. I would only need him, family, and our Heavenly Father in our lives to be happy. I'm so very blessed:)

Well everyone, this is my last week of high school:) After this week, I will be out and on my way to living life in the real world. Actually, that's in August when I move out. haha but other than that, I will at least be all graduated and that's fun:) haha 
Also, i'm going to stay the night at my best friends cabin after graduation!! I'm SOOO excited!!!:) It's going to be way too fun!! Wow, I just am so ready to be done! School is so draining right now! But I can do it, just one more week. One. Last. Week. 

I have to remember to keep my priorities straight these last few weeks..and months actually! When it comes to school, friends, family, relationship, everything. Just remember what to keep in your life while you have it especially. I realized that a lot this last weekend. Balance it all out so you won't miss out on a thing.

And also, you have agency. There is never a reason why you should be down or let sadness overrule your life
Do what makes you happy and be done with all the rest.

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