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In my AP Language and Composition class we have been having discussions everyday. Now that the school year is basically over and many kids in the class are either graduating or moving on to their senior year, my teacher prompted us with the question of "what do you live for?"
We have been watching videos of people that are going through life discovering that very thing, and are overcoming obstacles and meeting other people doing the same thing as them. It's cool to sit back while watching these inspirational videos and list out the things that I do live for.
My list is relatively long, but I guess that means I go through my days and live for a lot of things!

(In no particular order)
♥  Enjoying life
♥ Making the most of everything
♥ Creativity
♥ Happiness
♥ Family
♥ Friends
♥ Relationships made
♥ What makes me happy
♥ Helping others
♥ Unconditional love

I would love to incorporate a lot of that into my occupation.
I've been wanting to go into journalism and broadcasting, but I'm not so sure that's what I want to do for the rest of my life...
Because I want to travel with my job and be sent to all the different scenes whenever they need me. Maybe I could do that at the young part of my life, but when I have a family, I want to be with my family more and not away from home all the time. Even when i'm married I don't want to be gone all the time, I would like to see my husband at the end of the day. I'm sure, that if things worked out with Ben in the long run, I would of course have to keep myself busy and work, especially when he is gone. But I mean, of course i'll work no matter what. I guess what my conflict is right now is just figuring out what I want to do...
Ugh, this is so hard...
But I mean, it's a question that was good to ask myself, what I live for and such. It put things into perspective of what I want in my life and how I want to live it.
So what do you live for?

Well, yesterday was my last track practice in high school EVER. Like...i'm done. Absolutely finished. Sad right? Well yeah, I still have state to get through. Which sounds awful because I should never just "get through" state. But I won't lie...I can't wait for this season to be finished. Which is kind of ironic seeing that just a moment ago I said I was sad...
But, I don't know, I just haven't had my best season, and i'm just ready to graduate. I think I've just mentally checked out. Which is bad, but yeah here's the big excuse. I'm a senior. I'm done with most of my finals, I'm passing my classes, I have my scholarship already to run, bought my apartment, have my classes all set up, I'm just so done with the high school scene. I'm ready to move on.
But, I will miss how fun high school track was and all the friends I made there. I met my best friend through track and I am so close with so many other people because of this sport. It was my high school experience. It's ultimately sad to have it all over after three years of running. Well actually 7 years of running not in college...it's all over! Gosh, I can't believe how fast i'm growing up.

Oh my senior pictures are on Monday! How excited am I? Yesterday I went shopping to get some clothes and such. I'm very much satisfied with what I bought, so stay tuned for all those pictures.
Also, i'm graduating in 14 MORE DAYS!!!!!! I can't believe it's finally here!!!!:)):):):)

Okay, lately....well i've always had this undying obsession for Pinterest. But recently it has just skyrocketed. And especially with the wedding stuff. I now have separate boards for like everything! From what the boys will wear, the reception, ring, dress, the floral arrangements, the hair, bridesmaids, man...I can go on forever. I just have sooo many different boards because just one "I do" board won't cut it! I guess you can say i'm excited, really excited, to get married. Sure, it will be hard but I know it will be a billion times better than dating...
I just want a family so bad...haha but i'm years away from all of that. I still have SO much I have to do in life. Like college for instance and a mission! And then there's coming across that perfect guy. Unless I already have:) And I will be honest. I believe that I have:) All my feelings, dreams, all that I want and love, is what he is and does for me. I'm very much in love with my best friend. Head over heels actually, so one day, hopefully:) Fingers crossed, one day at a time until we ultimately figure out what we both want when the future is finally the present. Until then, I'll be doing what we both want right now, enjoying the time we have left, and then i'll be waiting and loving him from over here:)

Well, i'm going to sign out, I probably won't be able to write until next week some time...i'm very busy starting tomorrow! So until then:)

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