bright day;

Good morning, good morning. It's a perfect day to be happy:)
Well let me start off by saying this weekend was definitely a step up from the week itself.
Saturday is when I posted last, but what a wonderful short amount of time since then.
Saturday afternoon after work I made my way to Bens:) You know those friendships where you just laugh and laugh but you don't exactly understand what is funny, you're just laughing. Or when you seriously consider the fact that you both have enough gas and money to make it to St. George and back just because it sounds exciting (would have been fun). Also, when you are just driving around in the car and there is no rather place you would be because the time you are spending with  your best friend is time that you will always remember. I realized a lot that the simple moments are the ones that stick out the most. We just loved each other how we always have and it's just that, time with him is time well spent.
After our random outing in Provo, we resided back to his house and watched Vampire Diaries (yeah Damon). I also enjoy cuddling, but really, because there is no better way to relax and seriously enjoy life. I will be honest, just relaxing in the arms of someone you genuinely love, there is no better feeling or comfort.
Later on that night we went hiking:) oh man how pretty was that hike? Also, how hard was that hike...? haha okay, it was hard. Very hard. And this time Ben couldn't give me a piggy back because it was way too steep. But the hike was worth it because we got a perfect view of Utah County. So pretty, so beautiful. We stayed up there until the late hours of the night and just enjoyed our company of each other. Then..haha wow. We couldn't exactly find the trial to get down the mountain..and we were on the top. Very top. We just kind of fell a lot (at least I did) and long story short, we went down the most difficult part of the mountain. We made it down...eventually. And then we grabbed a cherry limeade at Sonic:) The night just winded down from there and he drove me home. And now i'm sitting here and I miss him like crazy! But to my dismay, this week is busy for both of us, so I have no idea when i'll see him next... :(

Also, Mother's Day was fantastic:)
Well church, was incredible. Of course I wish my mother could have been with me during the Momma's Day service, it's okay. During Young Women's I had an experience that I needed very much. Reassurance. I've been getting that all week from people, but it's crazy how my Young Women's leaders and their advice makes such a greater impact on me and it was just the feeling I had when they were talking to me. It was warmth in my chest and it just melted inside of me and spread out. I know I felt the spirit and that was the pure joy and happiness I needed to feel that reassured me I had made the right choice in my life:)
Also, Jacob 5 is soo good. Actually, I just looove reading my scriptures so much! That alone just makes my day so much better.
Then the rest of the day I spent with my family, until I started watching Prison Break, wow once you start that you can't stop! I watched a few episodes of that and then went outside and set up the tramp! Oh man, the tramp is way too fun:) Plus, it's unreal to just lay on at night with a bunch of blankets and just stare out up at the stars. I did that with my siblings a little last night and it was probably the highlight of my day.
Well, besides running in the hot sun. Because guess what, I did that yesterday and wow. I just about died! It was 90 degrees, and when you're on a track it's even hotter because the track is like a frying pan! I'm surprised I didn't throw up. I felt nauseous though! I went to my best friend's after for a long time and she's teaching me how to play the guitar so i'm slowly, slowly getting there:) haha like slowly. It's surprisingly relaxing, even when I don't know how to do jack.

Anyways,  today ought to be fun:) So i'll see talk to you soon:) stay sweet everyone.

ps. for my Vampire Diaries fans. Especially team Damon.

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