To say this last week was a hard week is an understatement. I mean, looking back at it now, i'm actually happy i've gone through these trials, but I know that it's only going to get harder.
Since my baptism, it's been difficult, especially with my parents. There has been a lot of tension in my house and my dad hasn't talked to me really at all since Friday of last week. My mom is better about it, but I know that it's an obvious issue still for her. I'm just trying my hardest to be all I can, but it's hard when it's what every argument in the house has been about. But this was expected, I just never knew it would be this hard...
But tomorrow is Sunday and I am so very excited to learn, learn, learn, and gain a message and hear all the talks and just indulge myself into this gospel. Sunday's are good days:)

Yesterday was a fantastic day as well, actually..it was fantastic at the end of the day...
Well I stayed the night two nights ago at my best friends house because there was just too much going on at my house and I had an AP test the next morning, so I crashed over there! And geez, that AP test....
it was actually kind of easy! There was a multiple choice section with 55 questions that we had an hour to answer, and then we had to write 3 different essays for the next 3 hours....haha honestly the only part that was annoying was just how long it was! I thought I did pretty good though!
I'm SO glad i'm done with that class, AP Language and Composition. SO fun.

Well Ben came over later that day, we have had a few disagreements lately so it was nice to just take that time away from the rest of the world and go hiking:) we talked about a lot and resolved a ton! Sometimes you just need that space from everything. It was just me and him and the mountains surrounding us. It was just a spontaneous hike too! haha, I was wearing flip flops and didn't have a sweater and so he gave me his sweater and gave me a piggy back when we had to go up hills covered in mud and dirt haha such a wonderful man;) oh and also, just our luck. It started raining! haha but it was so cool because we just found a spot and sat down and that spot overlooked a good portion of the Salt Lake, it was SO pretty!!
After we went hiking we drove to the Draper Temple and we parked it in front of the temple and made goals as far as our spirituality goes. We are going to go to the temple twice a week, Monday and Saturday! And read or scriptures more together and just make of it a habit of ours to work together and gain a relationship together with our Heavenly Father:) We then went to my FAVORITE view point that overlooks the entire Salt Lake county. Not just a section, no, the entire valley. Even Ben was speechless, because it's honestly a breathtaking view. He is the sweetest boy:) so on the hunt for another breathtaking view we just found one right by my house and parked the car and talked and laughed and just enjoyed the time. Honestly, just being there and talking to him was the best time i've had in a while:) Such a perfect night.

oh my gosh I love him

Today we are going hiking again but up by his house!!:) I am so very excited! Also, we are helping clean the dentist office (I get 50 bucks yeahhh) and thennn we are watching Vampire Diaries!! Wahoo!! This already sounds like a fantastic day:)

oh region for track was the other day...haha I'd rather not emphasize on that. But it was a fun last meet! Just a little disappointing that's all...let's just say, i'm very scared for college track and field because wow..haha it's going to be a rough first few months. Oh what am I saying! It's going to be a rough season!! haha getting into shape is one thing, but being in shape and then continuing the being in shape part at the college level is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.
I'm excited though:) scared! But excited.

Just a few fun pictures:)

that's my best friend guys, and roommate, and sister, and I love her.

For region every year we dye our hair hot pink and stuff, and this is what mine turned out to be:) pretty sick:)

Okay, well i've got to finish up some jobs at work and then i'm off to Bens! So have an incredible day everyone, it's so beautiful today:)

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