cali lovin';

Wow, I didn't write for an entire week basically. And trust me, I wanted to so badly! But I never had time to! I was always busy doing one thing after another! Gosh, Cali worked me. But that last week I spent in the bay area...soooo pretty.
Well I was in the Concord area...I'd say a good half hour from San Francisco:) But we did a lot of fun stuff, also the cousins there are all my age...haha not like younger, so it was a lot more fun. Don't get me wrong, I loved being with my other family, but it's honestly a lot nicer being with my own age:) ya dig?
The day I got there we stopped by China Town. Jeeze...do I love it there. The food is...incredible. I don't think it gets any better than that unless you're in like China..haha
But we played tourist and just looked at all the sights for about two hours, and then went to my auntie's house:) so my aunt is way cool and probably the chillest aunt I have. I call all my aunts on that side auntie, so don't feel confused. Well she has a boy that is a year and 8 days younger than me, but we have always been like, brother and sister. So basically, I loved being around him. And she has a beautiful younger daughter that is a sophomore in high school. Also, I'm really close to her as well, and we also bonded a ton this trip.
Well we did quite a number of things, but the first day I was there we just had a huge Filipino party! And for those of you who haven't gone to a Filipino and had Filipino food. Freak, you are frickin' missing out. haha
Tons of family, endless good food, I never starved. haha
My cousin also pushed me in the pool while I was fully clothed AND helping him clean it, talk about a welcome home gift. But it was hot and it felt kind of good so I'm not mad.

Oh, funny side note story, my other cousin is pregers and was due like any day...and I totally wanted her to have her baby while I was there!! *Remember that*

I also laid out there because they have a pool and it was 90 degrees so in my head that means layout..so I did...haha I love laying out, way too much. It's bad because maybe one day i'll be old and wrinkly. But it's fine because I have a bangin tan right now. Enjoy my youth right?;) haha
Ah, I watched World War Z and loved it. Actually, scratch that. I loved the beginning and middle, but the end was a little bit of a weak one. But I really do recommend it if you haven't seen it because well I love zombies...so it was cool watching that, but it was just great action and seriously kept you on the edge of your seat!
I saw Monsters University too! Cutest movie ever!! Like seriously, I was not disappointed. Also I think that movie was like, made for me. Because the first movie came out when I was little and such, and this one came out right before i'm off to college!:)
 Speaking of college, I start on August 26th! Wahoo!! And guess what my best friend and I are soo ready to start decorating our cool apartment:) Also, I found out like two of our other roommates..they seem....chill. But i'm not gonna judge right now! So we'll just see how they are in person:)

Well...In Cali I also did yoga....pretty sick right? It was crazy relaxing and I actually really liked it. I'm thinking I'll get into that. Definitely. And I got this unreal massage for like $20 by this small little Chinese place. Like they were this tiny place, and they give incredible massages for so cheap! And it was a full body one! I was just in heaven, absolute heaven and I didn't wanna leave. But sadly, after an hour of paradise, I had to go:(

I went to this place called Waterworld too!! It was just like the 7 peaks in Utah but with more slides and it was just bigger. But it was just as fun! I loved it and I met like a ton of my cousins friends there and they were all way chill!! I was happy to make some friends because like being with family 24/7 is chill, but to have a mix of family and friends is SO fun. And like me, my cousin jess, my cousin nick and his friend that is my year, we all had like this crazy fun sleepover one night and just crashed in the living room. It was the best, and like I just loved being at that house. It was perfect.
I also went shopping! And that was way fun, well when isn't it? haha I just love shopping so doing that was the bombbb:)
And I got my eyebrows threaded again. I love that as well, it's the best.
Oh, funny story! So me and my cousin Nick were at the mall and we passed this jewelry store, ya know, the ones in the corners of the mall. But okay, so we pretended to be a couple shopping for jewelry and such. And like..we totally sold it. The two ladies in there were basically wrapped around our finger. And we pretended to be so in love and he called me baby and I did the same, and we argued a little about what color looked best on me. And one of the ladies was like "I wish I had a boyfriend like that, buy me somethin nice!" haha it was too good!! And they just thought we were the cutest and should get married and have kids. But, and I quote,"have them later later later later on in life and have fun" hahaha jeeeeeze. So awkward for me and my cousin but he was just smiling so much trying not to laugh and the ladies thought he was beaming because of his love for me. haha so there's that;) haha gosh my cousin and I are way too tight.

I also went to their church! It's a Christian church, and I went out of respect because it felt like the right thing to do:) but it just made it even clearer to me that the church I am in is true. That is the church that makes sense to me. And I feel so comfortable in as well. And not just that, but I feel like this church makes me a better person! And i'm not bashing on the Christian church because I used to go to one of those and I loved it! It just depends on what is right for you in your very own life. That's why I don't see why a person should be against changing religions, because you choose what is ultimately best for you. Not your parents, friends, or anyone in your family. It's your life to be lived how you please. And whatever is right for you, is absolutely perfect.
Although California was a good time, it was also a testimony builder and it was clear to me how much I need it in my life. And nothing but good has come of it, like my relationship with my parents is tip top right now. The best it has ever been in...my life! My mom and I held a conversation for life an hour and a half yesterday..which is so long. And my dad and I have been drawing closer to each other, you have no idea how grateful I am for that:) Also a cool story. So remember that investigator I said I had met when earlier in my blog posts? Well she messaged me on facebook and she's getting baptized this Sunday!! Like I am so happy and I am so grateful that she felt comfortable enough with me to open up and share her testimony of this church. Her fresh, new testimony is a light to me, and it was perfect guidance. I am overjoyed for her! And I know her life will be blessed for eternity. She messaged me and asked me a question. She asked me how the lds church has changed me life and if I feel any different.
I reassured her that I am me, I am the same person. But everyday I am striving to be more Christ like, and I am becoming a better version of myself. And I can honestly tell you that I can see that. I don't need other people to recognize that because I feel that for myself. And I know at times it has been hard to even just keep reading my scriptures and such, but I realized that I will only grow through those experiences, and I may receive answers I've been praying about. Scripture study is key. But I'm just saying that being a part of this woman's life and being a good influence on her was incredible:) I couldn't have asked for a better testimony builder.

Okay, and listen to this. The last night I was in Cali we just chilled and were enjoying the night together. Honestly having the time of our lives, laughing so hard, and I almost didn't wanna leave...
It was probably like...12:30am and my cousins and I were watching Jack Reacher when  I hear my prego cousin calling my other cousins name. We rush in there and she says "I think my water just broke..."
OH MY FREAK. Everything after that was a blur. Everyone was running around the house getting things together and then she was off to the hospital. Sadly, my other cousin..yeah I don't think he knew what was going on...because I woke him up and said her water broke, but I don't think he understood because he fell back asleep while everyone was getting stuff together. So I stayed home with him because I had no idea when they would be back and I had a plane to catch in the morning! And I couldn't sleep! My energy was going crazy! So I woke my cousin up..and he hated that. haha but we stayed up till like 3:00am and just talked, played a few funny games, and talked even more. I love our heart to hearts, they are soo freaking real and honest, and basically I can tell that kid ANYTHING. And he totally gets me and understands me and makes fun of me for things and also gives me loads of crap. haha but I take it all because I give him the same crap:) Gosh, he's like a brother. I'm sad that I had to leave, but honestly I had a good time:) It was the greatest vacation and i'm so grateful for the opportunity to go. I have my parents to thank for actually making me go:) they are great:)

Well.....now I'm home after flying all day yesterday! It was cheaper to have a flight, a two and a half hour layover and then another flight, so I got home around 7:30pm after getting to the airport at like 10:00 with a 12:20 flight. haha ballin' time I know. And guess what, I GET TO SEE BEN TONIGHT!!!!:):):):):):):) I'm way too excited:) haha after such a long time of not seeing him this will be so nice! I just gotta enjoy the time right now and not dwell on what's going to happen!! We're gonna be alright:) I'm just way too excited to see him:):):):):):):) <3
Okay well how about I post some pics now?:)

this is my cousin/best friend/ brother:

he's also WAY good at football and got invited to Las Vegas next month to play in like this top notch camp! This was like right after he found out:) So proud of him:)

My cousin is on the left and her friend is in the middle (ps her friend is a model, like a legit one haha)

This cousins friends:

My other cousins homies:

he loves his momma, and I love my auntie:)

the sleepover:)

After our fake ring shopping experience we had a couple of grandmas take our picture and they said the exact same thing as the jewelry consultants. That we are the cutest together;)

flying home:)

Home<3 <3 <3

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