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Hey, hey:)
I've had an eventful past few days! I've spent them purely with my friends and family, which has been pretty ideal:) haven't seen Ben yet because we are both pretty busy with friends and other plans we've made, but I'll see him soon:)
Hanging out with my friends has been amazing. The cool thing is like, everyone is just so chill with each other. Everyone is hanging out with everyone, like it doesn't matter. There is no barrier between people and it doesn't matter. Maybe during high school you would feel uncomfortable mixing with a different group other than your own, but it's funny how things just switch like that. But I did see some friends Wednesday night! All we did was play some basketball...OH!! My friend Sara got her mission call!! Shes going to Asuncion, Paraguay and leaves November 7th! Like ten days after her 19th birthday:) It's way too cool and you could feel the spirit so strong in that room while she opened it. It was a good night:) And then I headed over to my other friends house and we just watched some gopro footage and then went outside and just hung out on his tramp! And it's soo warm at night so it was nice to be out there with great people.
Friends are amazing. I'm so grateful for the friends I have. Like this morning I woke up to a message from one of my really close friends telling me how they are thankful for my example and that they are so glad we've been so tight over the past few years. See? Things like that are why I love my friends:)
Yesterday was SO fun! I was with my mom most of the day just at the mall shopping, and it was fun:) It's nice bonding with her. When we click, we like....click. Which is a great thing for us both.
After the mall I went down to my best friends house and made myself some dinner. And by dinner I mean I warmed up mashed potatoes and had like a piece of a pineapple or two and a chug of milk before she forced me out the door. We met up with a ton of different people and friends and went bridge jumping!!!!
Okay, for those of you in Utah you know that this bridge is crazy cool. Like of course it's disgusting, but it's the craziest thing. You get an insane rush jumping off! and I love it:) haha I will post some pictures soon!
Yeah, but then all the girls wanted to go to the 80's dance last night, and I like wanted to go so bad, but there was something telling me not to go. Like I was in my best friends car driving to pick up the other girls when I was just like "Corrie...I think I should go home.." and I feel really good about my decision:) I know that nothing bad probably happened and I was with really good girls so I would have been fine, but I could feel the spirit so strong saying to not go. So I listened:) And...I am glad I didn't because if I did, I would be dying at work this morning...like dying. It pays off to listen to the spirit:)
 Also, I've just been having a lot of thoughts lately and this is my conclusion:
I've already pinned this but it probably the most true quote I've ever read
I've realized that when i'm happy I'll make rash decisions without really thinking about it, I mean i'm happy so it must be right. Right? No. Like the 80's night. I was so happy after bridge jumping and being with my friends that I was totally down with going! But then I calmed down a little and realized that I shouldn't go.
Or when i'm angry, and I reply to someone or talk to someone, I wills say things I don't mean, and I will say them without even thinking! Like when I was with my mom two days ago we had a little disagreement and I was angry and of course I said something I definitely didn't mean.
And finally when i'm sad...when I'm sad I make careless decisions to improve my own well being, without considering someone else's feelings the slightest. I'm sad because I haven't been able to see Ben, and he just doesn't have time yet, ya know? And I get sad, and then I decide it's okay to voice my very loud opinion to him...so I just need to take a step back when I am feeling these emotions and think about what really needs to happen. I guess that's why people say to stop and count to ten to calm down your emotions, so you don't do something you regret. I should start doing that, it's not that i'm a bad decision maker or someone who is really hard to talk with or communicate with. I just feel like a lot of people, I struggle with the fact that sometimes life will be crap, but it's crap for a reason, so just wait it out and enjoy what you have at the moment.
I'm sick and tired of looking at this quote and saying "wow, this is completely me" and not doing anything about it. So this is me doing something about it. I will be better!
I also realized that life has a way of working itself out, so I should stop worrying about when things don't happen how i'd like them to, because that's ultimately how they were supposed to work out. I'm just too stubborn to realize that;) until now!!
And also, those late night thoughts are ridiculous!! Your mind thinks about everything, the best, the worst, and how to handle things. But you don't think straight at night because it's the end of the day, you've done what you had to, you've played around. And now....your mind thinks it's time to play. I mean it's the perfect moment to reflect on everything you did and didn't do and how you feel about EVERYTHING. It's awful. And I just personally believe that all your thoughts are exaggerated just a little, therefore, your emotions are a little too much as well. I just have to use my best judgement at night. I think we all do though.
and lastly, I really do miss my boy so much...it's hard that I haven't seen him yet...hopefully I'll see him soon, but in the meantime. I've got the memories to go off of.
Love this quote!

So here's some pictures of Wednesday and yesterday!:)
Paraguay baby!!!! the blonde one is going:)

So I saw my best friend for the first time in a month...

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