these friends

okay guys i deleted my fitness blog because WOW.
i am beyond busy i can hardly remember what day it is!
it was hard to keep up with and i apologize, hopefully in the future i'll be able to organize myself better and i will be able to sit down and write. i barely found time for this blog post at work! 

lately my life has consisted of school, track, eat, sleep, repeat. i get hang out usually on friday nights and if i find time for it on weekends. im very much stacked.

but i love it! i love being busy, i love meeting new people everyday and becoming friends with the GREATEST people.

speaking of which, friends have been my crutch lately. 
especially one that i tend to call "my person" like i have stated in the past (grey's anatomy fans only understand that).

seriously there's not one single person that knows me better
she'll tell me straight up "you shouldn't wear that"
she knows who the perfect guy is for me (hopefully he comes around one of these days)
our comfort level around each other is outrageous
she copes with how blunt i am and puts me in my place when it's too much
she pushes me to work hard
she skips class with me (dont tell)
we think the same, we act the same
we are each others go to third wheels 
we are pretty much twins except for she's blonde with blue eyes
i kinda get separation anxiety when she's not next to me hahaha
there's just no explaining what she has done for me when i feel so lost
gosh, there seriously isn't a greater best friend 
and anyone who finds someone even remotely close to her is the luckiest.

woah woah woah, also there was a practice at the beginning of the week where it was raining buckets! it was the coolest because we were drenched and running and it felt really inspiring like that whole "remember the titans" vibe. but hopefully we dont have to do that again. but knowing Utah, im pretty sure that's going to happen.

i definitely enjoy this weather better guys

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