friendly friends

so now for more of a social intake of my life.
i did just do a post on hair, and that's no fun for people who don't care about hair.

but how about i brag a little bit. 
because i do think that i have some of the greatest friends that are known to man kind 
(no exaggeration whatsoever) 

 shes my Meredith Grey (for all you Grey's Anatomy fans)
my go to 
the blonde haired version of myself
and is as sweet as can be

i cant get enough of her. for reals. so here's to Bailey Carling for being a stellar bff

please let me tell you about this night.

after waiting in a massive line just to be around an even more massive group of people...

 ...we literally were dancing in a sauna (as if just sitting in one isnt hot enough). 
maybe being thrown around and squished between 1000 sweaty people sounds terrible, but its actually the funnest and funniest thing.
EXCEPT for when you get soccer punched in the eye by a guy that was thrown up to crowd surf (that didnt want to) and kicked out at the guy who threw him up and actually kicked me.
so yeah, that hurt. way bad.
actually really bad.

good thing i have great friends who love me truly though and take care of me and take me to Village Inn after for that hot cocoa.

 oh also
i'm really grateful for GREAT friends who see me having an off day, and decide to do this.
who decide to purchase some roses to show that they care and are always there.
if the world had more people like this guy, i'm absolutely certain the world would be a better place.

 oh and these friends, who are wild. 
everyone needs wild friends.
those are actually what most of my friends are like.
but hey, i ain't complaining. 
never have i met a group funnier than these kids. 

 and really thankful for my crazy friends. who are insane with me. 

wow, two blog posts in one day.
dont complain readers, i know you enjoy it just as much as i do!

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