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oh my goodness good news! the virus on my laptop is gone, and my poor little (newly repaired) computer of mine will be coming home from the shop soon. 
which means that i will have access to a computer daily.
which also means i'll be more diligent on here.

i know, i know

"desi you ALWAYS say you'll be more diligent with blogging"

but listen up peeps, my laptop has had this virus since as long as i can remember and i couldnt access blogger at all on that thing. so now that it's basically fresh out of the box, i would love to give you the deets on my life from now on.
you're welcome.


a lot has happened in my life. but i'll just start from today, and from this point on you'll be hearing a lot more from me. 

okay so guess what...

...my cousin is practicing with that new camera of his, and i wont lie, he does a good job. i'm happy to say that i am satisfied with what he has done.
so *clap* *clap* for that cousin of mine.

also i've gotten a lot of comments on that above picture on my hair and how it does that. 

it's not too hard, it just requires patience really and a little bit (literally a little bit) of your time.

 shower everyday (please) but wash hair every other day
my hair loves it's oils, and when your hair feels greasy then HOORAY. grab a brush and comb that mane out. spreading the oils will help nourish your hair and give it the nutrients it needs to GROW. if you wash your hair everyday it strips your hair of its natural oil that it NEEDS. if you are the type to wash your hair everyday, like i once was, it may take a little bit of your hair getting used to, but i PROMISE it's worth it. 

 i hate the heat
honestly i couldn't tell you when was the last time i applied heat to my hair. and when is say that i mean; straightener, curler, etc.. and listen, don't you feel like you can hear your hair screaming at you when you apply that kind of direct heat? plus, it's all about the naturallll look now a days with hair, so rock what you got and let it air dry (ps this REALLY helps prevent those dang split ends too).
oh and ps, even when im outside, i love to wear a hat, they help cool my head off in the sun and shield my hair from the harmful rays. 

 also use heat protectants 
i have a spray that i use every time i go out in the sun to protect my hair.
i just do a few sprits on my hair and then i call it good.
so when you do heat, use protection.

okay, okay, i know when you hear "prenatal" you think pregnancy. promise that's not the reason why i'm taking them lol.
but the prenatal's i take are called Collagen.
long story short, these babies make your hair, nails, and skin better looking.
working on making your hair stronger (thicker) and not to mention longer, also strengthening your nails, and making your skin look better and healthier. 
these give my hair the nutrients it needs
I get my Collagen pills at Costco for like $15, and you get like almost 400 of them. 
just REMEMBER to be diligent when taking them for best results! 
some people swear by it, some people write it off, but for me i know it helps my skin SO much as well as my hair. so try it out!

i swear by this. brush your hair every night. doing that will help stimulate cells on your scalp and 
promote that hair growth that EVERYONE wants. plus it feels good.

why trim?
so i used to get trims, like A TON. 
and my hair was just never hitting the length i wanted because i was getting trims so much!
then i read over this blog where she stated that all you need to do is take care of your hair and get less trims.
so i tried it out from April to now and i havent gotten one trim and i have been taking REALLY good care of my hair, and i have seen a tremendous difference in length and thinkness. 
also, i really dont have any split ends. 
your hair just hates the heat everyone, so just take care of it and limit your hairs heat intake (can't stress that enough). 

exercise and eating healthy
this is just a given. your body will praise you for doing these things in general. 
you get what you eat.
meaning, if you eat those bad, bad foods, you are going to get a bad, bad reaction from your body (including your hair). 
stay hydrated and eat well, and exercise so your body will thank you and reward you with a stellar looking body and beautiful hair.

OKAY. that's my stance on hair.
and i KNOW i still have more i could do. but in all honesty, sometimes im just way too lazy.
also hair product is expensive. 
my goal is to deep condition more and take advantage of that dry shampoo stuff (it works like a dream).
so i'll keep you updated on that.

side note. 
next week i will be starting to list off workouts and abs. so keep an eye out for those posts. i start getting back into shape next week sooo yeah you should too (no offense).

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