im back;

So I started my new blog, but freak, I need help learning how to actually work it! And I have no time or patience to do so. So...I just decided it was best if I stuck to this blog, because I know how to work it:) maybe later on i'll try and get into my other one. But for now, well here's this one!

So i'm back:)
Well lately, I'm trying to think about what has happened.
Haha updates on the boyfriend:)
Last thursday we told our moms we were both sick (pulled a quick one) and we skipped school;) hahahaha
So eventually, my momma found out and I got in trouble, but only a little:) We literally just watched Walking Dead all day! It was incredible:)
What else...Oh! Friday night we just relaxed because I had a HUGE track meet the next day, and so we just went to the gym and played mafia:) funny story though! At the gym this weird guy came up to me while I was stretching and doing abs and he said "I see that youre really flexible, do you stretch a lot?" I said "sure..." and he said "like 3 times a day?"
okay, first of all who just comes up to someone and says that...
Anyways, he asked me out to a dance that night, I said no, and that I had a boyfriend. It was literally one of the most uncomfortable conversations I ever had. Right after that weird talk, I went to Ben and told him what happened. The thing is, this guy had been following me around the gym the whole hour we were there...
So I told Bed, haha his body just tenses up, his face twists into the most pissed expression i've seen, and he simply says "I want to punch him"
Well after that Ben kinda watched the guy around the gym to make sure he didn't go near the treadmill I was running on it seemed like. And shortly after that, we left. haha
But Saturday he came to my track meet at UVU (my future college) and he watched me PR (set a personal record) in the 200 meter, and kill it in the 4x4:) Then he took me to Cafe Rio and we watched Nitro Circus the movie at his house:) quality kick back night:)
and today! haha I found this old camera in my room that I thought I had lost! And I looked through it and found videos of Ben and I from 2011! haha they are amazing! We are singing songs and he's playing the guitar. It's hilarious.

this blog is literally about my boy and I. haha so I apologize if you aren't so into the young love type of deal.

as far as my religious journey is going, it's going so so well:)
I had missionary lessons twice last week, with my closest friends. My best friend Corrie, my buddy Sara, and of course Ben:) It was a crazy experience that I will never forget, the feelings I have during these lessons and discussions, blow my mind, because the feelings I have, are feelings that will never go away.
I was most emotional the last lesson, we talked about the Restoration:) and everything makes so much sense to me, I can feel it, and I can feel the spirit in the room during the moments when things got very personal. Definitely something I can't wait to continue on with:) I've never felt so sure about one thing. I am very blessed, and my Heavenly Father is the reason behind it all.

some of my siblings and my perfect boy, some of my greatest blessings in life:) <3

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