how to be happy

I've realized these past few days that i shouldn't fill my head with worries.
Honestly...the stress isn't worth it when you don't have it all figured out just yet.
Sure you can think about the "what if's" every now and then. But is it really worth the time to sit their and just wonder about what's to come?

No, no. Don't you worry, there's better ways to relieve all that stress and tension you feel about certain things in your life.
I have so many stresses right now! i'm surprised i'm still sane! From track, school, payments, to Ben and all that he is going through and all that we are going through, my stress level is at it's peak. And sometimes, i honestly feel helpless.

So i decided to try some things that will help me fall asleep with a smile and empty head. 

How to have a better day
//Drink some apple cider before bed


//surround yourself with happy people

//smile & laugh

//know that someone loves you out there

//think of something that once made you happy

//go somewhere you aren't familiar with

//treat yourself out

//try something new

//think of something that changed your life 

//observe your family, i promise it makes you smile

//reunite with someone after a while and catch up

//eat something that's not good for you

//exercise & win

//count your blessings

being happy is your own choice
you can have a bad day, but not a bad life
talk to yourself like you would to someone you love
you deserve just as much respect
be excited for all the good things to come!
make a list of what your excited for!!
fill your heart with whats important
then forget the rest
take pride in how far you've come
& have faith in how far you can go

just love yourself please, darling. 


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