Sundays with him

yesterday was Sunday, and Sundays are the best day (well in my opinion)
it's a day of rest, and also a day where we can relax and listen to words that our incredible teachers and church leaders speak to us.
yesterday I went to my friends ward and listened to her sing "Come, thou fount" it's not in the hymn book anymore but it used to be, but it was so perfect. her voice is so pure and soft, it was literally like listening to an angel sing to you. I couldn't stop smiling and i couldn't help but notice the soft pounding of my heart, yes indeed, the spirit.
Sundays, and actually everyday[s] are perfect to feel grateful for this gospel. it's also a day to feel thankful to be blessed with such beauty around us everywhere, especially in 17 spots specifically in Utah, but one of my favorite spots happens to be in Salt Lake City.
(I took this with my iphone so i'm a little stoked)

really, just take in the beauty of the Salt Lake Temple.

wow...just wow.

I love my Sundays, I really liked yesterday though. I was able to spend most of it with the love of my life. he's my best friend more than anything and I love him most, yes I do.
despite my hassle to get my registration for fall classes under control, oh and also finishing a very lengthy paper for my English 2010 class, I was able to make a delicious ramen noodles feast with my love and snack on some brownies. and after crashing for the usual Sunday nap/pass out we spent a good deal of time with his family and cute, cute dog. oh, and later ben and I made grilled cheeses and get this, you dip them in apple sauce??? soooo good! I've been missing out my whole life, good thing ben is here to show me all the yummy's.
fun fact of the day: did you know that fun hormone that humans get when they fall in love? well dogs get that same hormone when they see their family come through the door after being away for a while. cute huh?
but anyways besides the dog fun fact, nothing is better than a quiet Sunday and talking to your best friend for hours about literally everything, there's just always something worth smiling about.
also I asked him to take a picture with me and he thought it would be funny to spill Gatorade on me during the picture...so I smelt like the pink colored Gatorade after this picture was taken. ALSO, for payback I took back bens favorite t-shirt, so haha to him.
but we did snag a cute one

okay fine, i'm crazy for him, you caught me. but I literally cant get enough after 3 years, he just continues to make me laugh every day. so yay for ben, yay for us!

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