Good morning!

goodddd morning readers:) its day 2 of my blogging experience! and im kinda liking it!....even though i really dont do anything besides write about my day and post a picture here and there....its kinda cool and i like writing about everything and sharing my day with all of you:)
sooo i got probably a good 6 hours of sleep.....its hard to fall asleep after watching the horror movie Sinister....
have any of you seen that movie? if not...GO SEE IT! its amazing! very good indeed. usually im a huge critique of horror movies....meaning i know that there is plenty of crappy movies im gonna watch in my lifetime. but this movie....yeah. it made me want to leave the theater.....i didnt think it would be all that bad......what im REALLY excited for and am looking forward to is Paranormal Activity 4 coming out this next week:) but this movie surprised me....i left the theater with my oh-so-wonderful date:):):)... the second it ended. well i mean listen...it was a very good movie. a good horror movie me leaves me scared to basically do anything alone. so im glad my date was there to keep me company. hes a great date:) i wont mention any names so we'll just refer to him as "the boy" "my date" "the guy" something along those lines...simple...because hes the only boy right now that i care about:) and so far...im happy with everything:) ive known this guy for what seems like forever...and time with him never gets old..even if its just for 10 minutes. am i right girls? guys? if you get to see that special person only for a short period of times, its totally worth it because seeing their face and being beside them is something that you cant compare to anything else:) i know, i know....im a crazy romantic..im a sucker for the cute love stories and engagement stories. im obsessed with happy endings and the pictures of couples kissing, hugging, and just being cute together:) as you can tell...my wallpaper for my blog is two people kissing and spraying champagne everywhere! this picture makes me soooo happy for some reason!! and dont tell me that you dont agree. a love like that only comes once in a lifetime. and i want that love:)
well..i havent even left my bed yet....i want to go on some crazy adventure today...take my camera, drive off, and just have an adventure and capture every moment of it....but too bad i have work:P
the life of a broke high school student. WOD. Work Or Die. basically....to sum it up. haha i neeeed moneeeyyyyy. with gas for my car, to getting my essentials every other week..aka coffee from starbucks, hair product, the occasional mascara tube, and picture printouts for my collage......money runs thin. and i guess that seems like not essential stuff to the people that pay bills. but ya know i like to have my stuff:) and i also like to shop. a lot. A LOT. i dont think you understand. i love shopping. its bad..its probably an addiction. but i need to put aside money for that.....
PLUS. i have to pay for the sadies dance this week.....the high school dance where you and your date dress the same...so this week...my money is just for that. i promise:)
kk welllll....imma go eat a great breakfast...brew up some delicious coffee made perfectly by yours truely;;; take a few pictures;; and head off to work:)

ps...i would like to share with you a fabulous quote i read when i was going through my pinterest:) honestly...if you need happiness, all you need to do is change your attitude and outlook on life, and i assure you,,you will be happy:)

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