Put downs

sooooo today. i mean it was a pretty relaxing day, if you read my earlier post i guess you can tell that my morning was in a way a lazy sunday morning but its monday:) only because its fall break for my school and i dont go to school till tomorrow:) and even then...i dont have school till 10:48:) life is good my friends. senior year...four classes this semester. it helps a ton to get rid of classes prior senior year. you may think you can handle a full schedule...when honestly...its sooo hard to keep the motivation. i mean...im SOO ready to graduate!! more than ready. i just want to get outside of high school as soon as possible! dont get me wrong, high school is great, but im getting sick of it. i want my own life, i want to be able to do what i want, i want to study what i want to study. and i know that being on my own will be hard. i know that. and im ready for the challenge, i know i'll need help from my parents every now and then. and who knows, maybe i'll have to come back home. but the thought of being able to be myself by myself. is such a good thought.....
today my grandma came over, and she started talking with me and said something that caught my attention. she said "desi the avenues are there, you just need to find the street signs" i mean, its not thee most profound quote. but it has a meaning that stuck with me. in my eyes that quote means that i have endless possibilities, and i can make something of myself and be happy with it. i can do anything i want to do! but i have to find the street signs that lead me to the right avenues. meaning...i have to find the right opportunities and i have to make an effort to look for the direction i need to be going. and as long as i stick to what i love and am passionate for, i'll get there:) and you cant let what people say get to you.
for instance. since these boys asked me to blog about my experience i decided i would.
sooo after work i went to play some volleyball with some friends of mine. i wont mention any names, but if they are reading they know who they are. and here i am showing up to play ready to have a good time! but i guess some of my friends love to criticize a lot of what i do. so we are in the middle of playing some volleyball and my friend points out that i should blog about what just happened in the game in a "im making fun of you" type tone. if u know what i mean. sooo... i go along with it and say i would and laugh oh hahaha. then they start mentioning it over and over again and then start making fun of the blog name..which i know probably isnt the greatest name in the book, and is asking for someone to make fun of it...but you dont need to acknowledge it over and over again..plus..i love it:) so this went on for a good....yeah...the whole time i was there. so i left...didnt even wanna give them the time of day even if they are my friends. i went along with it for a while, then got sick of it. gotta love those boys, right?
i guess what im saying is that dont let what other people say, stop you from what you love to do. and i know i just got a blog, but i already love it! because i LOVE writing and i love being able to express myself through that. and i dont care if they think its retarded, because honestly.....it makes me feel sooo great about myself! if i could write my whole life and take pictures...damn right i would. and i want to. and ya know what..i think i will. im going to travel the world and im going to learn people stories, learn the culture, capture every moment of it! my life will be incredible, and the boys just crackin' jokes today will realize i dont need to deal with their crap, because it honestly motivated me to try harder to accomplish this little dream of mine. im a voice of my own. and i may stick out like a sore thumb here in the bubble state of utah....but that doesnt mean im a begger for attention. it just means im used to what everyone else may think of me. im not saying that im better than everyone else. because im not. im really not. i just have different ideas and opinions and views then maybe lots of people i surround myself around.
Thats my little soap box for the day, i'll step down now and talk about something more happy:) hahaha
i had this thought that maybe for my senior trip i'd like to go to New York:) New York NEW YORK NEW YORK. im honestly freaking out just thinking about it! and my friend wants to go to:) and we are trying to think of some classy cool cats to tag along:) this is an opportunity i will not pass up. think of all the places we could go! we could go to shows, shop, we could explore the city and visit places that people have never heard of before! I want to go everywhere...my passion to travel is mindblowing. im obsessed with the idea of going from country to country, city to city, and taking in every different part of their culture and applying it to my life in some way. i want to make a difference in someone elses life and teach them that life is so so good. so so sweet. and that anything is possible!!
im pretty excited to see where my life is gonna go:) and ya know what, i already feel better! its like todays incident has kinda passed because i was able to write it out and now i feel like i can end my day on a high note:)
except for the fact that my phone is broken...that really really sucks....like REALLY. i think im gonna cry because of that. i need my phone. ahh...
well wish me luck with trying to revive my poor baby.
and i'll end this post with a cute little picture:) im VERY ready to leave this town..and meet brand new people that will stay with me forever. bring it on world!

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