so i didnt write yesterday cuz i was sooooo busy! and then when i had time, i just passed out on my bed and fell asleep:) so i'll write now and tell you about my day:)
let me start with saying i found a penny heads up when i was walking out to my car yesterday morning:)
lucky penny yeah?
and i needed all the luck i could get! seeing that i was on my way to take the ACT....
but i was ready! i was so ready to take that test you have no idea!! i studied and practiced and literally was getting help everyday for the longest time! so i went into that test confident:)
and i think i did better! like i feel really good about it! the only seriously hard part was the science. i just....im not good at the things they had us do. soooo......we'll see how i score on that.
my friend that is from norway, she says her testing is different. every year they have to study every subject..math, english (norweigian), science, and i think reading was one. but they have to study them, and then the teachers choose a subject, randomly, that they test them on. they test them on a paper and orally. they have 10 minutes to prepare and oral presentation and they answer questions the teachers give them. then they take a regular test on the subject. so basically your studying SOOO much because you  never know what subject you might get! fun fact of the day:) hahaha

after the ACT i came home and i did chores and oh! i watched some tv shows that i love soo much!
i watched Pretty Little Liars...which was really good. really really good. ummm...New Girl:) and Nashville!
Nashville is my new obsession. i love it way too much its insane.
also i still have recordings from Greys Anatomy and Modern Family that i need to watch! you know ABC's 25 days till christmas? well Secret Life of the American Teenager is supposed to have their season premiere during that! im sooooo excited! i love secret life!!:) and of course im excited for the bachelor;) SEAN:)
i basically watch a lot of shows. im not like on the couch all the time hahaha i just love them:)

well then i went to Plato's Closet:)
i sold some clothes there and got $30 :)
i spent $15 of it and got a RVCA and Vans sweater. i also got a DC knit hat. its freaking cute:) i just love clothes:) everything i get is usually from plato's:) its soo cheap! honestly theres nothing wrong with recycled clothing! i wish i had time to work there! like ive applied twice already, and i get far in the application process every time. but then my schedule conflicts with theirs and i just cant.....it sucks. but im still a normal there:) hahaha

oh then my boy texts me and says he wants to come over. i honestly didnt have the gas to drive all the way out to orem...so i didnt think i was gonna see him. which sucked. but then he said he was gonna come over and we would carve pumpkins then get billions of blankets and star gaze outside:) hahaha
hes so good at thinking of things to do, im so glad that he is because sometimes i have a lack of ideas. haaha:) but it doesnt matter:) being with him is enough:)
but...the thing is..his mom doesnt quite approve our relationship this time around. so when she said he could borrow the car, he just came over to my house without letting her know. hahaha so we are kinda on the DL with his parents. but my parents know! sooo we get a pumpkin and we carve it...last year we carved something soooo lame. hahaa so this year we decided we were gonna do the skeleton guy from the nightmare before christmas! it looked pretty sick, not gonna lie.
then all my siblings wanted to play with him so we played hide and seek with them for the longest time! but it was sooooo fun! we honestly were laughing so hard:) my sister has a crush on him. i know it. hahaha shes 5;) hahaha but she always made me hide so her and ben could count together...hahaha
ive got some competition;) hahaha
when my sibs went to bed ben and i looked for billions of blankets, then we went outside and laid them out on the grass and we stayed warm and cuddled up and just talked about everything! even though the clouds covered the stars.. we made figures out of the clouds:) our imaginations are crazy! then my dad snuck up on us and scared us with his halloween decorations hes making. hahaha OH:) then ben asked me to be his girlfriend:) that was really sweet of him:) and i was so happy:) of course i said yes;) hahaha
we sat outside for probably two hours. and my house is on a huge mountain, so it overlooks the entire valley, so we had a pretty sick view:) but just talking, covered in layers of blankets was perfect:) we didnt spend any money on our date, we just spent time with each other and after soo much time apart. we finallly just sat there and caught up on everything. and i still learned new stuff about him that ive never known! and ive known this kid for over a year now! im so happy:) and i know he is too:) this is our last year together before he leaves to bootcamp for the marines. hes gonna be gone for 4 months...then back for ten days. then he has to leave for two more months after that.......:(
he told me that he wont leave me, and that i have to write him..but i have to be careful what i say in my letters because his leaders might not like that at all. he said that whenever he starts to miss me he'll remember the moments like tonights, and when he gets letters from me, how they'll mean a lot because i wrote it, i sat down and wrote it with my hand, and he wants me at his graduation from boot camp:) its in san diego, but he knows i'll try everything to make it:)
but we were saying, since this is our last year together, we honestly have to try everything and do everything. we wanna finish this year off with no regrets! because he could easily leave in the summer.....
its crazy the situation my life has gotten into now.....but i dont mind it. because im happy:)
i support my boy through it all:)

lesson of the day...
sometimes its okay to just stop. and take a break and kick back...relax.
we all need it. like i had a stressful week topped with a crazy morning, so watching some tv, doing some shopping, and then ending the day with my favorite guy is what i needed:)
stop pushing full speed ahead constantly, stop and smell the roses and enjoy whats around you and what you have:) you never know when you will get that chance again with the crazy life you have. cherishing what you have really puts things into perspective, because how much longer will you have it?
of course, priorities first! but just think about it, enjoy life. life is good. its meant for pure happiness. you can have bad days and days that just dont go as planned, but in the end....you can always make something good of a bad situation:) do what makes you feel good.

 now its a beautiful sunday morning:)
what am i gonna do today?
yeahh..he missed the mad face memo..its okay though:) haha 

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