hello hello:)
sunday was such a delightful day!
i spent most of today with my cousin! her boyfriend just broke up with her...so i decided to stop by at her condo and spend some time with her and cheer her up and just talk:)
it was kind of hard for me to understand a little..because shes 26 so some of the things she talked about with her relationship were crazy! cuz at her age its like marriage...thats a huge step. im like...18..not thinking about marriage. so while i was trying to help her..i was thinking of my own relationship...but it differs so much maturity wise!
because freaking heck, another girl from my school...ANOTHER...that just graduated, is engaged!
holy cow thats like 3 girls in the last year or two! it blows my mind! like 19 year olds. how crazy is that? ahhh id never get married that young. like i have my career to work on and other stuff to put my focus towards. im figuring out who i am still at that age more than anything! but hey, love has no age limit:) as long as they are happy and in love, then who am i to say otherwise? because i love my boyfriend, i always have. ever since september 2011.... not a day goes by where i havent:)

ahhhh mannnn...i also found out i have to go to attendance school because even though i have barely any classes and have plenty of time to go to them and get there on time..............i just cant.
its too hard.
senior year.

honestly today was kinda just kick back. im ready for a new week:)
we are taking lehi down.
undefeated!! girls football is too fun:)

but im done blogging for today:) im tired.
to end things...i'll show you a picture of my brother mateo:) he is a superhero for halloween..so we painted his face all cool. hes freaking cute:)

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