another day

you know whats nice?
going to school and then leaving before 11 o' clock a.m. :)
yes, my friends, thats the life of a senior. but thats only the life of a senior that decided to get rid of credits before senior year. hahaha its so so nice:)
so after school i chilled with my friend bekah and then went home.
i got home...took a little nap, ate some food, did some hw....then my mom and sibs came home and i had to go to work and sooo i did:) and work honestly was very long today...it dragged on for a long time. im just tired..and also, i dont feel good:(...so im gonna be asleep by 10:30 tonight. maybe 10:45...im just tired.
AMD i hate that feeling where it feels like i have a food baby....i feel fat too. hahaha
this definitely is not an ideal feeling i have right now. tomorrow is 1000000% a sweats kinda day. im just drained...ahhhhh.
but guess what! so my brother who is 4...the little boy i have a picture of in my last post, he carved a pumpkin. and this is the year when he really starts to understand it all and get into the holiday. so my mom and him carved an amazing pumpkin. all his design by thee way. it was so cute...a frowny face pumpkin! haha
and last night it got stolen. yup. right off our front porch.
and my dad got it on camera..because we have security cameras outside our house. so we saw the people steal it, but they had their faces down and hoods up, and we arent cops or anything so we dont know who it was.....
but my brother was heartbroken, like he started pouting when he watched the video...then tears started pouring out and his heart was just in half:( and he went downstairs..then he came back up and was like "maybe..maybe they thought our house was the store...and they forgot to leave money...."
hahahahahaha he is freaking cute:) haha

ahhh...i need to get a new phone..my piece of crap phone right now is just...terrible. but i need a snowboarding pass to Park City..and those are like $200....and i need to save for black friday...AND. i need a new phone. this is just...a lot of money...
i gotta talk to my parents....hahaha wish me luck. HA.

also.......its funny how technology plays such a huge role in everyones life....
because my ipod broke..and ive been having legit withdrawals..its so bad.
and plus my phone.
but its not just that..like having the items. its what the items can produce.
like texting...
such a bad way of communication for important things...
like my friend didnt get my text saturday that told her i couldnt make it to the dance..and she totally thought i bailed..and i hate that:(
and my mom never gets my texts. ever. so thats just a phone issue.
but i mean....texting is also very nice:)
because i can look back at cute messages my boy sends me:)
its just kind of like a storage for things you want to keep and refer back to.
idk..but technology has played a huge part in my life.....its sad. but true. its just part of the generation now..and its just gonna get worse..or better. however you wanna take it:)

okay being tired is really hard when you cant get to sleep...
so im gonna try and lay down with my heated blanket and get comfortable:)

night readers:)
sorry for another boring post...
nothing too exciting!

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