i love good days.

ahhh:) today was a great great day:)
sooo i wake up at about 8:)
ive got a physical therapy/training sesh at the TOSH clinic and i get to find out if im ready to increase my workout! see if my foot feels remotely better with my new inserts.
for those of you that dont know...i run track and field:) ive got New Mexico seriously looking at me right now..and if i wanna run for them. ive gotta heal up.
ive had a history of stress fractures...yes i just finished up with my 4th:(
ive also got some tendon problems down in my arch...
but ive been going to this trainer, and he prescribed me some inserts that decrease the amount of impact i make when i run. and so when i went in this morning to test my running...it didnt hurt as much! it felt great! from a pain scale of 1-10...i was a 2-3. when im usually a 5-6 on a good day. so this is good! im getting better! i need to start training though..i really do. i want my senior season to be incredible! and i need to start now! just doing abs and spin bike and weights wont help me be where i desire to be!  i need power and impact! so i need to do a series of different exercises for the next week and a half- two weeks.
then i can start doing the Acceleration training program:) they work with college athletes and athletes that want to pursue athletics in college! so i gotta get into that!!
so far so good on the day right?
so after that i decided that i should celebrate! and i used the rest of the money on my Victorias Secret gift card and bought some very nice spray:) its called Sheer Love. it smells so so so so good. and is $12.00! so then i went home and got ready for school and went to 3rd period. where there was a sub...and we watched this video the whole class. and by watch a movie i mean i listened to my ipod the whole time, rested my head on my desk and shut my eyes:)
then i had to wake up:(
but our sub was sooo dece! he kept asking us questions about how we relieve stress and everything.
i thought about it for a while, its funny now that i think about it, how hard i was considering his question in  my head, and how my mind was working to think of an answer. but i realized i do a lot of things to relieve my stress. i write, i run, i exercise, i draw, i listen to music, clean my room, reorganize it, watch a favorite tv show, take a shower, make things (ps i made something the other day, i'll post it), chill with friends, chill with family, sleep, play with my hair, learn something beneficial to me personally, shop, drive....etc.
i do SO much. and i didnt even realize it till he asked. i knew of some ways...but not like every little thing. he also asked how we react when we are under stress or mad.
and a lot of kids in my class said what i usually do...lash out about little things, get mad at people we love, keep to ourselves, dont wanna be around other people....
a lot of those things are what i do...and ive noticed that recently.
its cool to me, really cool, how people are so so different, but in general, we are the same. we react in similar ways at different stages in our lives. My whole psychology class is full of teens, and they all said things that i do. but maybe an adult could act differently, well...no. because i know of many adults that react the same as me in some situations. the only difference is, they know how to handle the situation better. thats when maturity level comes into key, and personality as well.
class was good today:)
then i talked to my counselor at lunch about classes and my career i want to pursue.
i dropped AP Calculus...im sorry. but i did. im sure you guys dont care the slightest....haha
but in all honesty, the class was moving way too fast for me, i couldnt keep up, and i had no time to go in. i was spending wayyy more time on the homework than everybody else, and while everyone was excelling and grasping the concept, i still couldnt quite get a grip on what was happening. so i talked with my counselor and he said it would be okay for me to transfer out of that class into college prep.
i know i made a good decision...because i was barely sliding by this term....
also i dropped natural resources...only because i dont need that class. i just took it for fun. but im sooo ahead in credits..i dont need that one...haha
soo desi only has 4 classes this 2nd term:) yayyayayaya:)

okay so work! i basically worked with two patients..then this mother came in with a 4 year old boy who would throw a tantrum whenever he wasnt clinging to his momma. his mom had to do exercises. and no one else could play with the boy and make him like them...so then i tried..and i fell in love with this boy. so much. so i decided id let him warm up to me, then decide to play with me. and it worked:) and we played for the whole probably, 2 hours his mom was there. it was soooo fun:) i noticed that he liked to do things over and over again. in a certain order. we would do one thing, then another, then something to follow that. and then he'd want to do the same thing over and over again. and i had to switch the order up a little or add a different activity, and then he'd do that order over and over again until i switched it up again. it was very interesting and kinda cool to observe:) but i really really enjoyed my time with him:) and i had a few babysitting offers from other people;) i love kids:) way too much:)

then i came home and studied for the ACT for a while...wish me luck with that. i wanna do well. and i will! i know it! i can handle anything it tests me on! i just need confidence now! thats what i always lacked in the past. so this time, ive got this:) I WILL ROCK THIS ACT! :)

tomorrows gonna be a good day:)
i also get to see my boyfriend:):):):) its been a week! i hate how far he lives:( but hey,,,i get to see him tomorrow:) hes gonna get me at the school after the ACT:) so i have something to look forward to. idk what we are doing, but whatever we do...its always unreal:)
oh wait...haha
he just texted me! we are gonna go watch his bro play some soccer in Salt Lake! his bro is on the Utah State soccer team:) im soooooo pumped:) happy happy happy:):)

ive gotta sleep now! its about my usual time to sleep..so its time to crash.
until tomorrow! byee! night! sweet dreams:)

 its not too special and too great or crazy..but i used a jar to hold my bows and headbands. i tied a ribbon around it to dress it up. its just a cute little decorative way to hold it all. 

 throw back to when my boy came down and surprised me at my school during lunch:) unexpected tap on the shoulder. there he was:) best surprise. love him:)

 I CANT WAIT TO RUN AGAIN!!! 4X4 at the state meet. we took 3rd....BUT. in the picture below was at the BYU invite, and if you know track and field here, that is a much more prestigious meet than state because its 1-5A against each other. 

 one of my favorite events. the 4X4 :) byu invite:) CANT WAIT TO RUN AGAIN:D

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