this post is dedicated all to my daddy:)

so my dad and i...well okay...when i was younger my momma worked and my dad took care of me. so i hung out with him 24/7 when i was just a kid. i grew up idolizing every move he made. i wanted him at every game i had, every event, every...everything...he had to be there. he disciplined me but he also gave me a type of love that offered so much comfort all at the same time. hes stern, but has a fun loving spirit about him. hes mature, but acts like hes 10 half the time im around him. he was and still is my best friend:)
we all know that as we grow up into teenagers and begin to form our own opinion of what we want in life and what we want to do, where we want to direct our lives.... maybe we sometimes will distance ourselves from our parents, and disagreements may arise. because maybe what your parents want may not be what you want. and there comes a point where you just need to stand up for yourself and say "this is what i want to do and this is why". i mean...it takes confidence sometimes to gain that independence against your parents. its not rebelling. its simply you becoming a better version of you. your parents were there, they should understand. and if they dont, then  consider their thoughts because a parents opinion is always something you should value. but in the end. its your decision alone with how you want your life to go. but im so grateful for my parents open minds, they are open to whatever i have to say and whatever i want to do, and they encourage it every step of the way! they have no plan for me, they want me to do what i want to do. of course....they want me to be responsible. but thats a big "duh!" im just so happy that i have parents that respect what i want and what i have to say about college and sports and school.. etc.
which brings me to my point.
my dad confronted me about my life, what im doing with it, my character, and how that is gonna get me to where i wanna go.
of course it was a very intense...to say the least...conversation. but my dad literally sat with me in my room and talked to me. he said "des, im literally guessing with you half the time now, you need to open up to me..."
and so i did:)
and we talked for forever. not just about where i was headed in life. but about friends, about my senior year and how it is, about college, about boys, and i dont know..just about anything that came to mind. and he really put himself into my own life and gave me examples of his life and how he was in high school. he considered what life would be like as me in my situations. he never rose his voice, he never gave disappointing looks. the way he handles situations...he keeps calm, speaks well, and when i get all worked up, the way he looks at me, talks, and everything...is enough to calm me down:)
there is no guy on this planet that understands me more than my own father. i love him! and saying that just isnt enough! he looks out for me in every way! i dont have to filter anything or hide anything, because he can handle anything i dish out. and i love him for that:) no judging. all he wants to do is help. and i honestly wanna cry right now just thinking about it. hes always been there for me. been my backbone since day one. both my parents have. and i know i say im eager to leave my house...but as im typing these words right now im tearing up.
because leaving my family..will be the hardest thing i think i'll ever have to do....
my parents set rules. sure. so does every other parent. but mine really set them for me. and still do. but now that im 18,, they are trusting me more with my own decisions. and i trust myself as well, because they have raised me so well, that i know what to do and how to react to situations just because my parents had set rules that shaped me into who i am. even though im more independent now, i still have my parents rules and standards engraved in my mind. and they always will be. i dont know if you guys understand that, but i dont know how else to explain it. my parents just raised me well:) and im proud of them:) after all, i am the first child;) hahaha plus having me when they were just teenagers is such a huge responsibility....so them being able to get me this far.....i look up to them more than anything...my dad and mom.

but after having such a hard and emotional week.....my dad just...keeps me going and always knows what to do to make me smile or laugh or just feel better about myself. my life is incredible right now. absolutely incredible. and i wouldnt change a thing about it. im doing good with school, i decided my major, i know what i wanna do in college, i have an incredible family, great friends, an amazing boyfriend, a happy job, i dont know, i just have so much to be thankful for. and my dad helped me realize that today:)

i love my papa:)
having my main man there for me to talk with me through the worst...definitely makes a difference. im so thankful to have my best friend by my side always:)

i love you daddy:) and although this post is about my daddy...its also relevant to my family:) who could not be a more perfect family. well scratch that...we arent perfect..but thats what makes us great together:)

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