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sadie hawkins 2012.
it was a pretty decent night! i mean dont get me wrong, i had  a lot of fun! but i really do wish i could have been with somebody else.
its okay though because as long as i had fun and my date had fun. its hard when sometimes maybe your date wants a little something more than just being your date for the day....ahhh. so i was in a little bit of awkward situations sometimes...haha. but its a new day now and we are moving forward..its over. and i hate saying im kinda happy about that, but i am. now i can focus on other stuff and not stress as much on this dance. but i honestly had a killer time at the dance! it was soo soooo fun!!! :) senior year is going by wayyy too fast.
soooo basically im missing that one special boy soo much. i havent seen him since friday and its already like old times...how i just cant wait to see him again. He means so so much to me and i HATE how he lives half hour away.. you will not believe how much gas ive used to go all the way to Orem and then back. but hes sweet enough to have paid for some of the gas money cuz hes feels bad....hes really really sweet:)
i wish my life was remotely interesting right now, but its not...its at that stage where i think im gonna start preparing for thanksgiving. that means crafts and such:) so i will now be posting a bunch of how tos for crafts and i'll get started on making those:) immm super pumped:) i already made something earlier, a cute little earring holder. it literally took me 10 minutes to make it. i didnt want to use glue or staples or anything,. so i cut up strips of fabric and tied them on to a frame and made an earring holder:)
here it is everybody:) and it works like a charm:)

anyhoo...im big on crafts..so maybe i'll get started on those...its wont be often but i'll post something here and there:)
also i need to start saving for black friday! so im thinking i'll put aside $60-$80 a paycheck so by black friday i'll have a decent amount of shopping money:) and i REALLY just need to buy a phone. because i hate down grading...my phones sucks right now! and i hate having to haul my camera everywhere to take pictures..its actually not too bad bringing it with me to places, i just get really worried its gonna break...
plus..i wouldnt mind doing my own thing with a different network..i just have to figure out costs and such...
geez..so many decisions to make, so many things to do.
ive gotta go though because im suuuper hungry right now. 
soo i'll finish this post with a picture of me and my sadies date! because he was a good date! he really was!

hooray for sadies!:)

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