Just a side note

Good morning:) this morning is much much better:)
Hahahaha let me just tell u about my night. I basically checked every corner of my closet, turned on ever basement light, and hid under my covers and fell asleep. Hahaha
Then my dad decided to check on me at 4am to make sure I got home and scared me SO bad because I wake up and there's this figure at the end of my bed.
Heart attack. Hahaha so scary.
Waking up this morning I feel better! It's gonna be a crazy day! It's Sadie's day everyone! We are carving pumpkins for our day date...for those of you who don't know what a day date is...it's just a date that you do before the dance. And we are carving pumpkins and watching a football game:) hahaha Then eating dinner at another girls house and then gonna take pictures and dance!!!:)
I'm excited. It'll be a good day in thinking:)
Wish I was going with my favorite boy though...
We went together last year to Sadie's, and that was so so fun:) best night:)
Well now I'm sitting here, drinking my coffee and eating eggs...really tired still. Why are mornings so hard?
But it's a happy morning:) after a good night with people I love, you could say im all smiles:)

It's crazy what can happen in just one month. Because month ago today things weren't how they are now..the slightest. Things change fast....but sometimes change is good:)
Im excited to see where this all goes:)

well wish me luck for today!:)
Bye now!:)

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