rambling thoughts

what a wonderful friday it was:)
who else agrees? it was something else thats for sure!:)
well.....school was hard though..as usual, but not much to speak on there. it was just a normal day at school.
i got my sadies tickets! im sooo stressed for the sadie hawkins dance. honestly, im stressing beyond belief. i want my date to have a good time, but the whole day is so confusing. but my group, we are all being animals;; and while the rest of the group is going to the zoo, me and two other girls cant make it...so we are doing our own thing and then meeting up with them later...ahh i hope the night doesnt fail. i just gotta remember though..its just one night, its just one dance. ive got this.
ps just so you know..im not goin with my boy.....because i asked someone before things started going well between me and him. but my date will be way fun! so im pretty stoked! dances are just fun in general! but gosh...they are sooo much money...i hate it. and this is just sadies....imagine what boys have to pay for like homecoming and prom. thats insane. my mind is blown. and my pocket is almost on empty. this whole paycheck of mine has been pure gas money and sadies money. its sooo depressing. why does money have to go and disappear so fast? i wish i had unlimited.
well like all you late night bloggers and internet surfers, im up at this early morning hour not because i just can be up late....im up because i just watched a scary movie with my really wonderful friend and his brother and his brothers wife. we watched Paranormal Activity 4! it was oneee long freaking movie. honestly, it was like a longer than two hour film....but im up because im just too scared to sleep right now. okay okay....i will admit. this movie wasnt half as scary as the 3rd. this one was just really jumpy. it had a few frightening parts to it, but other than that....the only reason i think it would be rated R is because it drops the F word a good amount of times...but its weird because they said it at like thee most random places sometimes.....
overall i give it a 6/10....3 stars...it was decent. something that could wait until dvd....it was sooo funny though, because our theater was guarded by police officers! like full one security guards. and then we had to show ID obviously, because its R...but then you got we had to also show a stamp we got from the first ticket guy to the movie theater workers who were standing by the police, to get into the movie......
it was really funny that they had full on security...but it was only a decent movie. Sinister was 100x scarier....
BUT...i was with a great guy who was keeping me safe, and sitting next to his sister in law who was basically to funny to watch. she cracks me up. its nice being able to have someone there that will in a way..protect me from the scary movie:) i feel safe and happy:) after the movie we ended up talking in the car for a while about our days and everything and just life....it was soo great:) things are so so good with him right now, and im soo happy about that:) honestly..it makes my day..and nothing could ever beat that feeling. hes my best friend. does all he can to make me smile:) who could ask for something better?:) being happy is one thing,, but being happy for more reasons now is just a feeling that i never wanna lose. so blessed, so thankful.....

lesson of the day.....
dont watch a scary movie unless you have people on both sides of you, and one of them is willing to hold your hand tight haha:)
give everyone a chance because think of all the people you could meet and befriend:)
and dont be afraid to givve second chances. dont put so much thought into one trial, one sad experience, one...anything. sometimes you gotta let the happiness overrule the bad times, because how are you gonna learn to overcome what happened...? how are you gonna experience that happiness once again?

okay...im really REALLLY tired now..and probably make no sense....so im gonna crash right now....i'll blog tomorrow morning to make more sense:) promise:) i'l have more to say too. right now im just soo..sooo tired. haha


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