helloooo readers:)
thursday ended up being pretty good:) slept in till 9 today! didnt want to go to school the slightest...but i decided that maybe i should because its kinda important to graduate.ya know?..just a little:)
psychology was a bust..my teacher is TOO weird. i honestly dont understand a word she says because she basically whispers the whole lesson and then gets mad at me for asking to go to the bathroom...? when the bell rang, you could say i was the first one out the door by a long shot....
today a bunch of cool hair people came to my school and did peoples hair but made everyone look like they were from some anime show...hahaha my best friend looked exactly like Brock from Pokemon:)
conditioning was kinda like a fun friday in a way..but on thursday....so we basically talked the whole time. yet again...another chill day at school with nothing really spontaneous happening.
okay so work:) wow can i just say that work honestly never ever EVER gets old! it was so so fun:) i worked with this really sweet girl that hurt her hip, then a little boy who hurt both his knees! i even made a fun handshake with the boy! he was suuuper sad today for some reason though when he first came in...so my boss had me work with him and the little boy told me why he was sad, and i promised him..pinky promised:) that his situation would get better, and i said if he did something that i know would help, i would do the same:) so we are both pinky promised and middle finger promised (inside joke between me and him) that we would try our hardest to achieve our goals:) and for the rest of his time at physical therapy he was all smiles and laughs:) its days like these where im soo thankful for the job i have:) seeing patients come in sad and leave with smiles makes it all worth it. plus hes feeling so much better physically and is running a marathon next week! and hes only in 7th grade!! crazy boy.
ohhh kay! soo that semifinal state cup game...yeah...they lost:( they ended the game at 0-0, then went into two 10 minute halfs and tied it again at 1-1. then they lost in PK's 4-2 :( and let me tell you..it wasnt a happy time. but....its crazy how one hug can make all the difference, how encouraging words can lift a persons spirits, and how just a reassuring look in the eyes can help someone feel like things will be alright. theres no need for an hour long talk about how good they did, finding positives in it all. because who wants to hear that after a loss, who would believe that. all someone really needs is a little bit of love. and even though they may tear up a little, throw out a few words, or just walk in silence beside you for a while.. its that moment when they leave the team after their final season cheer, walk right up to you, and just pull you in for that reassuring hug...its that moment that shows me that all someone needs is just a person to be there.

lesson of the day.....
we all have ups and we all have downs. those days that seem to be "one of those days" is when we need comfort the most. sometimes no words need to be said at all, all you really need is a reassuring hand. you cant force happiness upon someone, just lend them that hand and quit trying so hard. the little things in life, the small actions, are what speak the loudest to a person. no need for a speech, a lesson, a gift, a S/O on twitter, etc. just give more hugs:) a hug never hurt anyone, and its the best physical affection out there. a hug you can give out to anyone and anytime of the day. you can share it with people youve just met, or with someone youve known for ages. its an affection that is used at every second of the day, yet its far from being overused even the slightest. love everyone:) even my favorite boy today told me "des...honestly all i needed was a hug from you to feel 100 times better, so thank you:) i love you:)" hug more:)
 i also learned that its okay to cry. dont be afraid to let it out. because today my friends bf just broke up with her, and she was holding it in all last period, until finally i told her that its okay to cry, and she said "good! because ive been wanting to all day!" and then she gave me a hug:) so dont be afraid to cry, sometimes it helps to let those emotions out. sometimes you need to.
so love more and give hugs:) thats what i say!

its okay to hug anyone and everyone:) no matter what. it'll always make someone smile:)

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