just another day..

today was a better day:)
i wake up to the soothing voice of ne-yo for an alarm:) oh did i tell you i got a new phone? except for..its my old phone from way back in 9th grade.....so i downgraded a ton...ahhh. first world problems. haha but its texts...and makes calls anddd has thee crappiest camera alive..but thats what my good camera is for:)
i got to school on time! hooray! im doing good:) but i didnt feel like talking to anybody so i went straight to AP Language and i fixed my grade in that class. guess who has an A now. this girl! awh yeah:) my first period is AP calculus...dont as me why im taking that class...i just did it so i dont have to take it in college....its soo hard for me tho. im more of an english person....personally, i LOVE writing. a lot. more than a lot. i love writing, drawing, not math. yeah not math. or science. not a numbers girl..haha
AP calc...sucked. as usual...but i got through the class period, and so does my teacher. i feel like he leans so much on his bad, dry, jokes to get through class....they are his crutch. and when nobody laughs, he does this weird pity laugh for himself that bugs me SOO bad. its thee worst sound a human could ever make.....
AP Language today was wayyy interesting and i loved it a lot:) we learned about anaphora's, antilmetabole's, antithesis's, and zeugma's....:) i dont know if any of you know what those words mean, but it was way cool:)
lunch sucked. as usual. so after lunch i did some homework in a teachers room and finished up a lot! then i kinda just waited till work:)
i dont need to emphasize much on work because its always soooo fun:) i love my job wayy too much:)
it was soooo nice to come home to a house that smells like thanksgiving. it was like a mini thanksgiving feast. speaking of which. im so excited for thanksgiving!! i have a friend from norway that is staying in utah at a...kinda friends...house. haha. used to be friend...but thats besides the point. this girl is to cool but shes never experienced thanksgiving OR....BLACK FRIDAY:D. sooo shes in for a treat and a surprise. ahh man. black friday...last year i had probably 5 mtn dews....i was up allll night. haha:)
ive been starting a scholarship application tonight. its called the AXA scholarship i believe....its wayy dope. and i think i can get it:) scholarship applications are soooooo stressful though and take forever! especially the essay part cuz i want it perfect. no screwing up!
oh guess what! tomorrow is that really special boys semifinal game for state cup! im heading up after work:) i love watching him play:) even if his game is 20 minutes away. i'll drive it:)
i dont know if i said earlier? that he enlisted for the marines a few weeks ago! so hes been doing things here and there for that! today he had some stuff for them. its really interesting hearing about it all..it kinda freaks me out, but i know that hes gonna be fine:) im so proud of him for all his accomplishments. honestly, hes making some huge decisions in his life, and its cool to hear about it all:) andddd also,, i know he will take state cup with the team:) they are sooo good! i have no idea about anything when it comes to soccer, but i honestly love watching him play:) hes a keeper:) literally:) hes one special boy:) and ive gotta date with him friday:) woot wooooo:) date night is always the best night:) xoxo

but nothing too exciting happened today. it was just a normal day....
oh besides a freaking funny episode of modern family:) and my sister and i watched one of the movies that we just love sooo much! Moneyball:) its a great film, you should watch it if you havent seen it yet:)

todays lesson of the day.....
nothing stays down forever. you may be having a sucky day, but in a matter of hours, or a day or two...things start lookin' up and the sun starts to shine again:) theres never a moment in life where the negativity controls everything, because in all reality, its how you take the situation and how you handle it! and i know that its easier said than done, but i know that yesterday for me, was terrible. and today wasnt completely better, but it was better. i just needed to give myself some time and i just needed to encourage myself to put my best attitude forward and continue to live each day second by second.
all good things come with time:)

wellllll..im goin to bed. not thee most exciting post soo i'll be back tomorrow with hopefully something more exciting;) hahaha oh and good luck to this boy tomorrow:) hes the best:):) this game is absolutely HUGE!!! no way i'd miss it:)

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