hooray for tuesday being over:) just one day closer to the weekend! and lets be honest, thats all we ever look forward to now a days. school was pretty decent today, i enjoyed it and guess what.....i was able to run in conditioning today! for a little background knowledge, ive been struggling very much with my running due to injury. and i just barely got permission to do little activity on it. soooo i did grass workouts on the football field during fourth period. and it felt so so good:) running again helps relieve a lot of stress and gives me time to release my thoughts. i basically think of nothing when i run. i just do it. i just run until theres nothing else in me....and today....i ran for about a half hour and then my foot started tightening up...so i played it safe for the first day back and finished up, then stretched. it sucks sooo bad getting back into things right off an injury...but im determined to get back!
also, i talked to my councilor at lunch today about scholarships...looks like i set a goal for myself. apply for 1-2 scholarships a week. i'm writing a reminder. and it will happen. and because i was with my councilor all lunch, i didnt have to deal with being in the presence of some of my.....lovely...high school peers...i honestly just ditch school once i have my free periods. the faster im outta that place. the better...
i work at a sports medicine office for physical therapy. i am a physical therapist aide/assistant. basically to sum it up....when a patient comes in with an injured area, i help treat that area and i demonstrate exercises that will help strengthen it. its sooo fun to see progress made with patients and see their attitudes change from sad to full on smiling and laughing. i see some pretty depressed patients and discouraged people, but within a few days sometimes;; the staff we have gets their spirits up:) because at a physical therapy office, youre not just healing patients physically, but you are healing them mentally, socially, and spiritually. its an amazing job:) and im so blessed to have been working there for two years already! it seems shorter..but im one of the vetrans at my job! im the youngest...but ive worked there the longest. two other people have worked longer than me...but they are a lot older. and married. im not married. haha
after work i left to go see my really really great guy friend play in his state cup soccer game:) first of all..it was soo...SOOO cold. i wanted to die. raining and wind beyond belief! his team ended up winning in a shoot out:) congrats really great guy friend:) soooo now i will be attending the thursday game..hopefully:) its semi finals! after the game he was ohh so nice enough to walk me to my car:) kept me warm the whole way there, then his mom pulled up and we said our good byes and that was that.....
simple, but being able to see him play, and just being by him was enough to make my day:)

today i learned that you really just need to make the most out of everything you do. examples...sometimes at work i just want to leave or sometimes i get really bored because its just not somewhere i wanna spend my time. but today i just went into work all smiles and ready to take on every patient and challenge they may have, and work ended up being soooo fun, i kinda hated leaving. High School...yeah it may be not the place where i wanna be for most of my day, but i have to be there, and finishing high school means i go to college, and plus, we only get one chance with high school, might as well make it count. yolo right? haha:) friends;; yeah sometimes i wanna rip their throats out, but thats how i know i love them. they know me so well, and you'll argue with people you love most in life. and right now thats them. relationships........ive learned i need to make the most out of the time im granted with that special boy. and although things may not be where i want them to be with him, i just need to be patient with everything. things fall in to place when they are meant to.
well, i need to go to bed now..its getting late and i have a longg day tomorrow...
until then..
ps. S/O to this boy:) Rangers taking the win against Sparta. state cup...here he comes:) my best friend. 

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