Hello, and good night. Take that greeting however you please, it's almost my bedtime so this is a good night for me.
Imagine for a second, waking at nine o'clock, staring at the ceiling, just trying to muster up the strength to do the slightest task; lift yourself from bed to start the day.
Why is getting out of bed so hard for me?  Why do I have to set multiple alarms just to make sure I get up in the morning, is one not enough? Why do I fight the urge to run to the bathroom, because I know that just means getting out of bed? Mornings are hard for me, in case you didn't catch on.
So today, instead of getting up against my own will and giving in to the suns bright rays shining on my face just telling me to wake up, I shut my blinds, slept through my alarms, pulled my covers up to my neck, and slept.
And I would like to add that I do not regret doing that decision one bit.
Hmmm....well the only think that stuck out to me at school, after my very relaxing morning, is that almonds have have became one of my favorite foods. I have developed this new liking for them, almonds and sugar peas actually. I enjoy them very much, and because I ate my breakfast around 10:00 a.m. today, almonds held me over till after school! Oh, and an apple. But almonds, almonds, almonds. Who woulda thought that such a small piece of food could make such a difference in my mood. They make me grin. Almonds are the new thing to enter my life. I'm very satisfied with this new found relationship.
I also would like to inform you, I do not regret my decision for getting Netflix. Yes, ladies and gents, I am becoming an adult, I am paying a monthly fee for something I desire. Don't laugh! It is a big deal for me, and even though the cost is only $7.99 a month, it's something i'm proud to say i'm paying for! Also, my parents decided to trust me with a credit card. But don't worry, it's not gonna be used that often, seeing that I don't want to end up like the girl in the green scarf, Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic), and be in a tremendous amount of debt because of my poor lack of self control for clothes, a curse I unfortunately possess. Plus, I will be living in New York.........and while Ryan Gosling says to "be better than the Gap", my mother forces me to "settle for second hand" aka recycled clothing. BUT. I will admit I have no problem with recycled, I love it to be quite honest, but who doesn't like to splurge every now and then?

Speaking of which, I very much desire a Michael Kors wallet that I saw the other day at his store. But to my dismay, when I looked at the price, I saw that it was $139. And get this.....that's the discounted price.
I find myself having dreams about that wallet, and in my head I say "Hey Desi, you can save up and buy this just to say you have it, you deserve this wallet!" but then reality chimes in and says "WTF are you thinking? You can find a similar wallet at target for $15"
At the end of the day, reality loses. I'm buying that wallet before graduation if its the last thing I do. And that my friends, will be, THEE FIRST big purchase of ANYTHING regarding clothes/accessories I've ever made up to this point in my life. Everyone's gotta have that big buy, am I right?

Oh, I do have to mention my school spirit. The little amount I have for my beloved high school. Ha.
I really do have this.....bittersweet relationship with my school. Seeing that I never even go because of my lack of classes, I see no reason to be "Go team!" anymore. I actually deserve a pat on the back for ridding myself of those pointless classes before senior year. Anyways, one sport that I can NEVER get enough of would be basketball! 2nd place sport is volleyball, only because I played for a good...my whole life! Up until Junior year when I quit to focus on track and field, but that's besides the point, I keep going off on random tangents...
But Lone Peak High School has this thing for being really good at sports! Basketball is ranked 6th in the nation in case you didn't know, that's really really excellent. Today we dominated, as usual, 79-59.
We will, no doubt, take state again this year, it's becoming more of a tradition than a goal in my eyes. But congrats to the boys on the win! I honestly can't wait to watch the rest of the season!! Knight for life!

Another cool fact, my family might be moving to California after I graduate! Thank you family, for deciding to move after I leave. I really never wanted to move back home, be close to family, live by the beach, be where , oh I don't know, I belong....................................
It's okay though, growing up in Utah was good for me! I still can't believe they might move though.......

I realized a lot today.
My focus being on how much i'm going to miss being with my family everyday. College will be fun, but i'm going to miss that goodnight kiss from my little four year old brother I get every night and all greatness his spunky personality offers. I'm gonna miss my two year old brothers babbling mouth and the defining moments of his growth into a little boy. I'll miss my five year old sister and her bashful eyes, her rosy cheeks, and infectious laugh. And i'll miss my thirteen year old sister, along with her quirky remarks, tomboy spirit, and that reliable other; my best friend.
Of course i'll miss my parents, who doesn't miss the two people that shaped them into the person they are today? But my siblings are a part of me, who I look to to warm my life up. I can't imagine being miles and miles and miles away from them.

Sacrifices are hard.

Well, I was up unusually late tonight, I guess I have a lot on my mind.
Good night readers. Stay lovely.

Beauty;Michael Kors

family first; #1

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