That's all I have to say about the past 24 hours of my day- just wow.

My mind, from 9:55 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. was smothered with information. Information regarding my future. Information that I must take into account these next few months when I choose what college I go to.
I had a official recruiting visit to a college today, and let me tell you, this was a college that I just applied to because they were interested in me, and I thought, "hey why not? Might as well get the wine and dine experience out of it!"

little did I know that i'd fall in love with this school before it was lunch time.

So everybody, i'm confused.
This school is perfect. So perfect. The academics are amazing, the school is easy to get around, the coaches made it clear that they are like fathers to us and will always be there, and the team, the athletes, I loved every second I was able to watch them practice.
This team isn't a team that's looking to recruit the best athlete, they are looking for potential, someone they can develop and further enhance skills. They build each other up, are one another's best friends, are completely open to what anyone has to say and are not judgmental the slightest.......
I fell in love with this team and I haven't even started training with them yet.
I never thought i'd actually like my experience, I mean...I was dreading the visit this morning. But I left that school knowing I would be fully committed to that school and that team. I'd give me 110%. I would at any school. But I could never let those kids down...

what am I going to do?

I still have to take my visit out to New York, but gosh....I got a whole new outlook on school after today.
I've been this person that just can't wait to peace out on Utah, be somewhere that is just not remotely close to the area. But after today, I realized, it doesn't matter if i'm out of state or if i'm at a school that everybody calls an easy school to get into, the 2nd Lone Peak (my high school), or just not a good enough school As long as i'm enjoying what i'm doing in life like my choices, friends, athletics, anything....I'll be alright. I don't need to be far from home to be independent and be myself, I just want a good education and a great athletic experience where I know i'd be welcomed right away. And at UVU, I know i'd get that.
Everything about this school screams me. Everything about my decision is screaming UVU.

So now all I can do is wait.
Wait till coach calls me next week about my scholarship.
Wait till I finally make a decision.
Wait till signing day.
Wait for the rest of my life to finally start.

hmmm....I might be a Wolverine...

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