Having to deal with my head buzzing constantly about what college to commit to is really starting to becoming annoying...
I can't concentrate the way I would like to during school, my free time is spent thinking about pros and cons of my options, the future-the thing I try to keep far from my mind- keeps invading every waking moment of my thought process.......
I don't exactly know what to do at this point.....

Patience is key, yes, because I still have other recruiting visits, but I have a mountain of stresses I need to sort out and organize so I can think clearly again.....
Gosh, I hate this.

Anyways, my mind needs some distracting at the moment so I'll continue to go on about my day.
This morning was very hard to wake up for. How do I know that? Well, simply because I slept through all three of my alarms. Yes, I slept through alarm "pretend to wake up", then alarm "you can do it!", and finally alarm "well, you're already late.." and also, yes, those are how they are all labeled.
Slowly walking upstairs, acknowledging anyone around me is definitely out of the question, I don't speak to anyone till I've been awake for at least over an hour and a half......
Also, does anyone else feel like driving to school is a death sentence? I mean finding a parking in the morning with a bunch of dumb teenagers running around the parking lot, walking through those school doors right as the tardy bell rings, being around kids that you'd rather not be remotely close to, sitting through classes and dealing with teachers......
High School.
So much to love, so so much.......

Praise the Lord. School ended for me after 2nd period.
I did my homework, finished all I needed to do, and it's like he knew I was about to die of boredom.
Once again, my boy saves the day!! I'm gonna say it over and over again, i'm sorry, but I am one lucky girl. But he did text me saying he was 5 minutes away a good 15 minutes after I showered....so I was cold, and pretty sure i'm sneezing because I had wet hair in 40 degree weather. :P
But in my opinion, it was well worth it. All we did was screw wheels on little wooden cars he's making for less fortunate kids. But hey, it was so so fun:) I am pretty good with a screw driver, didn't mess up once, didn't have any problems! But Ben on the other hand, I mean his cars were pure beauty, but the boy was just having so many problems with his screw driver.
Girl power ladies, keepin' it alive and well.
400 wheels later, we were complete:)
I had to go home unfortunately, but tomorrow Lone Peaks basketball team (ranked 3rd in the nation now) starts a tournament up in..yes.....OREM. hahaha (that's Bens school in case you didn't know) so I get to see him:)
This is the most i've ever seen him in one week, as sad as that may sound. But he lives half hour away from me so seeing him isn't exactly something that comes cheap, with gas and all. So usually our time is for the weekends. But in the past week, I saw him Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (twice), and today, Wednesday! I'll see him tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, and most likely Sunday, because Sunday is kinda our tradition:)
I really like the idea of that:) I love him.

Oh and I gotta ask. How was the sexiest night on television everybody??
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show never lets me down. Okay, okay, I did splurge a little today and got some new stuff. Because if you're a Pink Nation member, with any Pink purchase you get a free undie:) It's a steal. I'm just obsessed with VS. It may be a problem, but i'll acknowledge the problem when my heart oh so desires.

And guesssss what. INDOOR TRACK! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here! Indoor track finally started up Tuesday:)
I just have to say, i'm beyond, BEYOND, excited.
First of all, I'm running with people I love more than anything.
Second, well...I'm running.
Third, life is always better when i'm doing what i'm passionate for.
This season we are traveling to St. George, maybe Colorado, we want to go to California! I mean, it's gonna be the best season yet, and that's before outdoor! Imagine how beast all the indoor kids will be by the time outdoor starts up!!! Ah man, i'm more than excited! I can't even describe to you guys how much my heart aches every single day at school, how slow the clock ticks away, how everything up in my day lead up to that last bell that signifies my permission to run. I love practice, I love meets, I love running.
Also, I think I might get my calves rubbed out tomorrow. Yes, that sounds delightful.

Okay, not my most exciting post to be honest, I'll do better later on this week. Cross my heart.

Good night.

First at thee most prestigious meet in Utah.. Brigham Young University Invitational

My best other half

My boy, supporting me through it all. This was last season, but it still makes me happy:)

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