Happiness-Noun- good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

I am happy.
No, I am more than that. I am that emotion that searches beyond the word "happy", I am that feeling that overwhelms the heart and takes over the soul. I am everything that revolves around smiles, laughter, and love.
I am in love.

I grew up watching my one and only favorite, The Little Mermaid. I was fascinated by the bright colors, talking fish, and mer-people dancing before my eyes. I remember watching Ariel sing passionately to "Part of Your World" in her secret cave and saw it as an act of acceptance and longing.
But remember that scene when shes sitting on the rock as she watches Eric awaken after she saved him from drowning? That one scene, those simple lines of her stating she would like to be "part of your world" (Eric's world) I had always taken for granted.
But now I know:)
After a week of nothing but highs, and a Saturday night full of milestones (no, not what you think, i'm a good girl) my relationship progressed in ways that I can't describe. I like to take it as a sign from my Heavenly Father that I have been blessed with a special boy, and he will be there to spend late nights with laughing till we cry, talk to until I fall asleep mid conversation, and love every second of every hour of every day. This last Saturday my boy and I finally understood what it means to fall in love, it means to have complete trust, complete faith. Acceptance, passion, spontaneous acts of the heart, respect, being yourself-comfortable, understanding, having commitment, always believing in the other and pushing them to do better, even if that means they will be pushed away from you for a while (for us that means college, mission, marines, etc.)and so on. It's being in each other's lives and needing nothing more. I don't know how to explain it, but now I understand.
Some of you may think i'm naive. You may say i'm too young to even be thinking of this nonsense, or even believing in it. But to all of you people, I feel bad.
My mother found her true love in the 8th grade. And never once did she regret being his, never once did she think she was too young, and never once did she believe she wasn't in love.
My mom promised herself to my father younger than what I am now, I know that for a fact, and without that young love and what I just described, I wouldn't be here.
A leap of faith is all you need, looking past what others may say, may think. It's all comes down to what makes you happy.
I am happy.

But, that is not the only reason why.

On a lighter note, indoor track has gone swimmingly, not to mention my personal training starts up next Tuesday!:D:D:D:D:D
Today at practice i'm surprised I didn't blow chunks, yeah, it was just...that kinda workout.....
Now a days, when I have to throw up, it's usually because of running.
I just have a good feeling about this next season, and i'm really happy about where I stand with colleges at the moment. Times a tickin', i'm only a few weeks short of my visit to New York:)

Also, I applied to Victoria's Secret today!!!:) Actually, I grabbed an application yesterday randomly after I got my free undie with my Pink purchase. I didn't think i'd follow through with it, but I did, and I had my interview at 7:00 tonight! In all honesty, of course I wish I would have said this, and done that, but at the end of my interview I was completely content with my performance and-fingers crossed-I pray that I got that job (you may pray for me as well;) )

It's 11:11!! Make a wish.
I like to make wishes, it gives me this sense of hope that even though the world has come so far in the belief of working towards what you want, and giving your all till you can't give no more, it doesn't hurt to wish. And don't get me wrong, I thoroughly believe in working hard because I will do whatever it takes in any circumstance and that's just the way I was raised. But I also grew up knowing that it's nice to know that wishing on that 11:11, the shooting star, or that penny tossed into the fountain, holds some type of hope and promise to yourself that anything is possible with a little bit of magic:)

Well everyone, I'm going to crash, so i'll talk to all of you later. Hopefully with more to say! But for now.....
Here's some pictures:)

One of my favorites, a throw back of last april:)

This last Saturday my school played his in basketball, we dominated;) There's an X through his schools logo on my shirt;) 

Hopeful new employee

Part of your world

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