Do you ever just collapse on your bed after a hard day and never want to get up?
Well, that was me today, and I do not regret my decision to do so the slightest.

I thought today was Friday.
I'm going to start off saying just that.
I thought today was Friday, I have no idea if it was because of the random assembly we had or because my work threw a Christmas party at Tucano's, either way....
I thought today was Friday.

I took my math test this morning and new every question except for two, so I approached the teacher (who loves me oh so much) and simply asked if I didn't do these two problems on the test if my score would fall apart. "Yes, it would" was his answer, and after sitting across from this man, making it obvious that I was prepared to cry, he looked up at me and said, "Desi, if you come during lunch tomorrow i'll help you with your test."
Okay, yes! "A" for Desi in that class;)

Hmmmm i'll skip the next few moments of my day because those had next to no importance whatsoever.
Well wait, besides the assembly. Let me just share my two cents with that beauty.
We had a motivational speaker come in today and talk to the school, and according to student council....she just winged it. And it honestly sounded like it to. For a half hour we listened to her blab on and on about her life and it had no direction, I could't tell you what the whole topic of her "speech" was, no one could. That's how bad she was! Yes, people clapped for her....but was because she was really motivating us? Oh, my dear friends, no freaking way. We clapped to make fun of her, mock her.
And this is why we had to get a picture with her:)

Work party was scrumptious! I did eat myself silly though. When they keep bringing me food like they were, of course i'm going to eat it! I can't refuse a good tender piece of meat, vegi's, or grilled pineapple! No sir, that is not human! So yes, just walking, made my stomach turn until my face turned green.

And with that in mind......

Today I also had track practice. Thirty minutes after I filled my belly.
Did my food revisit me?
Good question! No, but do not get me wrong.....it was in my throat, ready to greet the world.
And THAT my friends, is why you do not eat at Tucano's before you have a workout.
You learn something new every day, am I right?


Well this leads up to my very first sentence!
I walked into my room and was greeted by my fuzzy blankets and comfy sheets. Nothing in the world seemed better than a good nap, that is, until my boyfriend called.
Three hour conversation.....
Okay, okay.....I loved it:) but the only reason we had to hang up is because his mom was getting mad at him! He even skipped the gym just to talk with me (that's kinda a big deal for the gym rat haha}!
I love being able to talk with him endlessly, and never running out of anything to talk about. We laughed until we were on the verge of tears and by the end of the conversation, my cheeks were sore due to his ability to make me smile so much!! Gosh, I love him.
Oh, but listen! I did have to hang up for a few minutes. Why, do you ask? Well Victoria's Secret called me and this girl has a second interview with them on Thursday!!:)
They like me, they liiiiikkkke me;)

Well I need to finish reading a book then crash. I'm a little bit tired!

Good night and happy Friday everyone!

HAHAHA. The clueless speaker at the assembly.
number one fans. 

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