Well Thursday has definitely treated me very well!
Let's see...where to start...

School was wonderful for once! but right after second period I sped over to the mall because I had my second interview with Victoria's Secret! Alright, alright. I've got to say, I destroyed that interview! So I had high hopes! andddd well I can't keep it a secret any longer, I GOT THE JOB!
I am now a new sales associate at Victoria's Secret. I'll be working in the PINK area of the store:) which is my favorite:) Ahhh i'm so so excited I can't even explain to you! I start Sunday, so yeah I honestly can't wait any longer!!!!!!!

Hmmmm my running today. Superb. We did sprints for a long time and then worked on plyos, and then we worked on abs! Honestly, it was so so rough, I felt like passing out at one point, but I pushed through it and it felt amazing:) I love how running can give me that rush of happiness. The moment the workout felt like I was going to die, I got this amazing rush of energy and it felt incredible! The runners high my friends, it never gets old:) And when I was finished with the whole workout, you could say that I was happy beyond words! Running is incredible:)

AND. I get to see my incredible boyfriend tomorrow:) He wants to take me Christmas shopping for something specific....I guess we'll see what it is! He won't tell me what he wants to get me, but I have to pick it out? So I have no idea what he's planning...haha oh well! I'm just excited to see him! ah! It has only been....6 days! hahaa but that's far too long, FAR too long. Gosh, I love him:)

Life is good my friends. It really is. I had to be patient for everything this week. I had to go through two interviews for this job, and then I got it! I had to go through plenty of tough workouts and was rewarded with success today! I had to wait to see my perfect boy, and i'll finally be able to see him tomorrow!:):):):)

lovin' life my friends:) patience is rewarded. Stay strong!

hello my new job:)

perfectly content and satisfied at a track meet:) love running.

when my boy came to visit me at school:)...which by the way, is half hour away from his school! I love him:)

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