Crazy good weekend. Crazy good life.

It's amazing how life can take a turn from bad to good in just a matter of days. It's like right when you feel like things are on the verge of plummeting out of control, something happens, and life is finally good again.

"Desi you do not exist outside of school"
Yes, that may be true, outside of high school, I have no desire to be with friends or around any high schooler of the sort. Some people say that's really bad....but I don't exactly care. Of course I care for my friends and love them with all my heart, a select few of them actually. But in all honesty, i'd rather spend time with my family then be with friends and I would rather spend time with my boy, then be around a bunch of guys I have no desire to get to know the slightest.
I may seem narrow minded right now, but it's how I feel. I have had my share of high school, i've done all i've wanted to do! All that I have left on my to do list is final grades, prom, and graduation.
Then i'm off to college! Bigger, better things.
At work i'm one of the youngest there. Besides a few new interns and another fellow in his junior year. But I am the youngest one there that has worked there one of the longest. I find myself looking forward to work, not because I enjoy my job, but because i'm around adults, who are much more fun to talk to. And although I can't relate on all levels with them the slightest, I still feel more welcome around them then half the kids at my school.
I don't know when this revolution happened. I don't know when I changed, because in all honesty, I used to be the epitome of high school. I loved the people I was around, my classes, going to all the events, I loved it all. But now, I could care less for most of that. And the thing is, I love my life now. The less i'm involved with High School besides sports and grades, the better. And i'm perfectly fine with that decision.

As far as the weekend goes...
It was incredible:)
Remember that present that my boy wanted me to pick out? We had no time to go!! Because he surprised me with some Christmas concert tickets, and then we walked through Salt Lake City and found ourselves looking at the beautiful temple square Christmas lights! You could say it was an incredible night. Then we crashed at my house while watching The Dark Knight. Eventually, he had to take the long half hour drive back home....in the fog...in a blizzard....bless his heart. haha

and Today:):)
I babysat all this morning then I went to go watch The Hobbit with Ben and his family:)
Holy. Freaking. Long. Movie.
But, I've had a recent unusual obsession for these movies thanks to my boy....haha and I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! I honestly couldn't stop watching. It was a two and a half hour long movie and I wish it would have gone longer!!!! Crazy right? hahaha I loved it:)

And now, I'm sitting on the couch with my sister watching the first lord of the rings:) because she hasn't seen them yet so she needs to experience it's greatness;)

Okay well I'm gonna go!! I've gotta pay attention to the movie!! It's so good that it deserves my undivided attention.

but p.s.
I start my job at Victoria's Secret tomorrow!!!:):):) wish me luck!!! I'm so excited!!!!

Temple Square picture with my boy:) 
It was pouring rain p.s.

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