quick post;

So I haven't posted in quite some time. Sorry sorry, i've just been too busy with CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!
Okay, well what has happened since last weekend. 
Well I finished my three days of school...those dreaded on for thee longest time, i'm pretty much sooo sick of high school it's driving me insane. I just hate it.
I've been working a lot at Victoria's Secret! So far, I really like it! I feel like I just need to get to know the other associates there better, and I kinda have a feel for register! And I always am a Pink sales associate! So that's super fun:) I'm still learning the ropes, and I just have to get a set schedule that will be better for my school hours because I definitely can't do the all night shifts. No way. 
WELLLLLL. My family from cali is here!:) we have been kickin it all day everyday! Yesterday we went snowboarding! That was way sick! Ahhhh I just love boarding! I'm gonna go one more time with my boy:)
Ha okay, we saw Santa while snowboarding...it was too funny. I'll post a pic about that.
hmmm my boy:)
well I figured out what he's wanting to get me for Christmas. It's a guess. A good one. An educated one.
A promise ring.
dunn dunnn DUNNNN.
crazy right?
He's taking me shopping on monday for "something" and I think that ring is gonna be "something" 
okay i'm excited! i'm not going to lie! I love this boy, he's my one and only. My life. I love him. 
I will be his one day:)
Okay well....I have to go to sleep because I have church tomorrow morning! Way freaking early. 

Free s'mores on the slopes after some boarding up at Brighton

my cousin and I saw santa skiing;)

Nick and Desi; Cousins

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